He is carrying the British flag

He is carrying the British flag

It’s no surprise that the British flag bearer is one of the best British athletes to date. Scotsman Andy Murray from Glasgow will have the honour of carrying the British flag in front of the entire delegation of British athletes, during the opening ceremony at midnight Friday. The tennis player himself has described it as the biggest honour in sport, and I think we all should agree with him at that point.

Andy Murray will be the first tennis player to carry the British flag at an Olympic opening ceremony. Let’s hope that this won’t take too much of his focus away, as he has to defend his Olympic title less than 24 hours later. Murray is a very professional player, and I believe he will handle this well. A fun fact about this choice of flag bearer is that it’ll be the second consecutive time a Scotsman gets to carry the flag. In London 2012, Sir Chris Hoy was given that honour.

As for Murray’s chances of providing Great Britain with some more gold medals, I think these are fairly good. He was the key athlete for giving Great Britain the first Davis Cup triumph in 79 years, and last month he secured himself the second Wimbledon victory.

Other strong candidates to be the British flag bearer was Nicola Adams and Bradley Wiggins, but there was also speculation about Katherine Grainger and Nick Skelton. Wiggins was a favourite until he ruled himself out.

There will be 206 countries in the Parade of Nations at the Maracena Stadium on Friday night. In addition, there will be a team of refugee athletes.

He is carrying the British flag
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