Here’s Some Fun Olympic Facts

Here’s Some Fun Olympic Facts

Some facts are useful to know, to see what we can expect from a given event, while others are more trivial facts without many practical uses. But whichever category the facts are a part of, it is still both fun and useful to learn facts!

The modern games came to be in 1896 after a suggestion by the French Scholar Baron Pierre de Coubertin that the world should take up the old practice of hosting the games every fourth year, just like they did in ancient Greece. For over a thousand years, approximately between 776 B.C and 393 A.D, they had been a pagan religious festival celebrating the old gods.

Rio de Janeiro is the first South American city to host an Olympic Game. This means that Africa and Antarctica are now the only continents that has never hosted any Games.

USA is the most successful summer game nation, with 2,189 medals. Norway is the most successful winter game nation with 263 medals.

When China won the medal table in Beijing, 2008, it was the first time since 1936 that a country other than the USA or the Soviet Union got the most medals.

The Soviet Union still holds the second place in the all-time medal table, even though the country seized to exist 25 years ago.

USA has more medals than Great Britain, France and China together.

Four athletes have won medals in both the winter and summer Olympics.

Out of the current 206 countries participating in the summer Olympics, 73 of them has never won a medal.

Every nation in the world have at least one of the colours of the Olympic rings – blue, yellow, black, green and red – in their flag. South Africa, South Sudan and Cayman Islands have all of them.

The current medal record holder is the American swimmer Michael Phelps. Before him, the gymnast Larrisa Latynina from the Soviet Union held the record.

Here’s Some Fun Olympic Facts
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