History of Baccarat: From Zero to Hero

History of Baccarat: From Zero to Hero

The number zero is normally associated with things that are of no importance. However, the Italian word “Baccara” which means zero has led to the evolution of a game that is one of the most popular games amongst frequent casino goers. The game is generally found in the VIP areas of casinos, and has a long history dating back to the middle ages. The name’s meaning also refers to the rules of the game where all the tens, jacks, queens, and kings are valued at zero.  

The game is said to have originated as early as the 1400s, though there is confusion as to whether the game originated in Italy or France. It took over 500 years for the game to become popular in Europe, and there are three versions of the game which are equally popular and follow almost the same set of rules. The Chemin de Fer is generally played in Europe while the Punto Banco version is popular in England. The third version is known as Banque. The game was introduced into the U.S. around 1950s; however the game remained out of bounds for the common gamer due to the high stakes involved. Mini baccarat games have solved this and are now quite popular in the United States.

The latest development in the timeline of baccarat is the online version of the game. It is quite advantageous to players to play this game online as lower stakes are possible.

Live Baccarat at SuperLenny

At SuperLenny we offer variations of baccarat at our live casino. Players can play against a live dealer, who deals real cards at a real table. Cameras set at various angles allow players to watch the action in real time, and it’s also possible to interact with the dealer while the play is in progress. Players can choose to play Baccarat Squeeze, Baccarat A or Baccarat B. The live casino serves as an interesting alternative for those who wish to experience the casino atmosphere without having to leave their homes, or travel long distances.

Baccarat is still considered as a VIP game and has contributed considerably to the revenues of many brick and mortar casinos. However, the game has now reached mainstream casino gamers thanks to the online versions and live casino versions making it accessible and less exclusive.

History of Baccarat: From Zero to Hero
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