Horses for Courses

Horses for Courses

The third week in October has just a couple of events on offer on home ground, both taking place at the end of week. Ascot holds a number of prestigious horse races, and Twickenham will be hosting a game from the decidedly unBritish NFL.

Racing to Victory

The 21st October is British Champions Day. Held at Ascot, it is considered to be a highlight of British flat racing and finishes off the season as a whole. A rather new fixture, it has been held annually only since 2011. The event is the culmination of the British Champions series, and hosts the final events in all five of the series divisions in addition to a one-mile handicap event. It is also the richest race day for British racing competitors as the prize money across the six races amounts to more than £4 million.

The event was created by bringing together some of Britain’s historic races that had already been features at Ascot. Some of these include the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes and Champions Stakes, both of which retain their original names. Other races are the Diadem Stakes, Pride Stakes and Jockey Club Cup from Newmarket, and these have now become the final races in each division. These latter three have undergone a name to become British Champions Sprint, British Champions Long Distance Cup, and Champions Fillies’ and Mares’ Stakes respectively.

Football with a Twist

The 22nd sees Twickenham hosting American football. The game is between the Arizona Cardinals and the Los Angeles Rams, a first visit to these shores by the former team. The NFL has been attempting to widen the fan base for American football and part of the campaign has been through a number of annual games played in London. This year there are four games to be played making the highest number of games held in London so far. There seems to be some success as the games have been selling out

The Week Ahead

The coming week showcases more American talent in another of the four American football games held at Twickenham. There is also some motorsport in the form of the Wales Rally GB, the most prestigious rally race in the whole of the United Kingdom. Based in North Wales, it has been running since 1932 and next week will mark the 53rd time this event has taken place.

Horses for Courses
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