How to Bet on the 2018 FIFA World Cup

How to Bet on the 2018 FIFA World Cup

It’s coming, the big one, the FIFA World Cup 2018. Hosted between 11 stadiums scattered across Russia, 32 international teams will stick their best boot forward in a bid to lift the famous golden trophy.

Even if your team didn’t qualify for the finals, you can still ramp up the tension with a spot of betting on the World Cup. Thanks to the rise of comprehensive online sportsbooks, there are almost infinite ways to back your chosen country or player as the tournament progresses.

Let’s take a quick look over the different World Cup betting options to help you stake your claim in the outcome of football’s biggest party this summer.

Pick the Winning Team

This type of bet is often referred to as an ‘outright bet’. You simply pick the one outcome that you think is the most likely, so in the case of the World Cup, it would be the winning team.

Once again it looks like Brazil and Germany are currently the bookie’s favourites to scoop the trophy but being closely followed by France and Spain. Messi and co from Argentina are the second best non-European bet at the moment it seems.

A bet on the 2018 FIFA World Cup for any one team is the most basic type you can wager and a nice way to start getting involved with Sportsbook wagering.

Bet on the 2018 FIFA World Cup Placings and Elimination

If you want to step it up a level then think about betting on where teams will place across the tournament. This can be as simple as backing who you think will be the winner plus the runner up of the entire tournament or just which two teams will reach the final.

Alternatively, bets can be placed on where a specific team will finish in their group or get knocked out of the tournament i.e. group stage, last 16 and so on. It’s up to you how far you take this, some punters even try to predict the entire tournament.

Tournament Scores, Goals and Player Markets

This is where we start to get into the real footie fan territory. If you know your stuff then you can wager on the final scores of any of the matches throughout the tournament as it plays out. Which team or player will score the most? There’s a market for that if you fancy a flutter on the Golden Shoe winner.

Adding to that, there are markets for the total amount of goals a team or individual player will score in Russia. You can even bet on which team will score the fewest goals, a great way to possibly cash in on an outsider and always a good bet for England fans!

In-Play World Cup Betting

All of the above are markets you can analyse and bet on before the first ball is kicked in Russia on 15th June. But what happens when the play starts? Well, then the betting action really ramps up thanks to in-play betting markets.

As each and every match unfolds you can wager on a huge variety of outcomes live, thanks to the power of online sportsbook. During the game take a punt on the next player or team to score, the final score, total amount of goals and so on.

In-play betting is a great way to deal with the injuries, penalties and red cards which are thrown up with each match. If the game changes then so can your betting tactics thanks to live in-play betting.

Cash Out Anytime

Another advantage of live in-play betting, as long as it’s with Lenny, is the ability to cash out anytime during the action.

If your team is suddenly down to 10 men then maybe they won’t maintain that 2-0 lead for the full 90. No problem, cash out to save your funds and your pride!
Just click on the cash out link to see which of your in-play bets are eligible and what you’ll get for cashing out.

Funky World Cup Bets

It’s now a World Cup tradition for the bookies to compete for the most ‘creative’ market every 4 years. Classics that might be worth a cheeky punt include picking a player to score from their own half or a player scoring with an unusual body part.

But the best of the lot has to be a bet on the footballing vampire himself, Luis Suarez, to bite another player. After taking a chunk out of Giorgio Chiellini at the 2014 World Cup it might just be worth putting your money where Luis’ mouth is!

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How to Bet on the 2018 FIFA World Cup
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