Hull loses Keane, Wales 1-1 Serbia, Smalling out with broken toe

Hull loses Keane, Wales 1-1 Serbia, Smalling out with broken toe

Hull City loses Will Keane for 12 months

Hull City recently had some really bad luck that probably will affect their future results in Premier League. Their star striker, Will Keane, unfortunately suffered a knee injury little over a week ago and is now ruled out for 12 months. He has recently undergone surgery, and will hopefully come back as good as new after a year. No doubt Hull’s manager Mike Phelan is taking this as a great loss, and he has actually stated that this is a big blow for the team. Keane is a great player with good quality and potential, and as Hull City is currently at 18th place in the table – only a few points from safety – it is crucial that they manage at least 2 points during their next games. If they didn’t have their work cut out for them before this unfortunate event happened, they sure do now. He actually suffered the same injury four years ago while he was playing for Under-19s in England.Wales 1-1 Serbia

This Saturday’s match between Wales and Serbia in the qualifications for the 2018 World Cup could have gone better for our neighbours. Serbia is in second place in Group D, after Ireland, and they are now two points from being on top in the group. Wales, however, is in third place, two points behind Serbia. In their previous two games, they had to settle for draws as well, and it was important to Wales to win this one as the group have pretty narrow margins, with only two points separating almost every team. The gap between Wales and the group’s leaders, Ireland, is of a total of four point, which is a significant gap as only one team from each group automatically qualifies.

Smalling out with broken toe

As if Manchester United hasn’t received enough bad news lately, it is now known that Chris Smalling will be missing his team’s next match against Arsenal on the 19th of November. He has broken his toe, probably during training, but it is unknown when and where it actually happened. He is now sidelined until further notice. This is of severe consequence for Manchester United, as they are six points behind Arsenal, and having Smalling on the field during their upcoming match would’ve been of great advantage. When is Manchester United’s unfortunate strike going to end? With a 6th place on the table, they still are one of the top teams, but without Smalling they can end up falling even more behind. One can only hope that he recovers super fast like the superman he is.

Hull loses Keane, Wales 1-1 Serbia, Smalling out with broken toe
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