Incinerator Casino Game

Incinerator Casino Game


The Incinerator casino game takes us direct to outer space, where some space debris needs clearing up. The reels are filled with different coloured metal scraps that look like they came straight out of a spaceship. There are no scatters in this game, but the Wilds play a major role in gameplay.

The reels don’t have the traditional spin in this casino game as they are cascading reels. The winning combos get blasted off and more symbols keep coming down to replace them. This goes on as long as there’s a winning combo, after that it’s time to spin the wheel. There’s no expanding multipliers with successive cascades like in some other games, but there are plenty of extra Wilds.

Incinerator Bonus Games

There are no Free Spins offered as a bonus feature in this game, however, there is plenty of action coming from the Wilds to make the lack of Free Spins a moot point. If you can get three winning combos in row, you’ll get extra wilds on your reels. On the left of the reels, there is a meter which changes from round to round and displays the playable pattern for the current spin. If you are lucky enough to get three more wins in a row during this, you’ll get even more lucrative wild patterns which can give you some really big wins.

Incinerator Casino Game
Author: Lenny
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