Is Gambit Esports Ready for the Win this Year?

Currently sitting at number three in the world; Gambit’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team is from Kazakhstan. The team may be from Kazakhstan, however, the organization of Gambit eSports is a British based company that for years focused on League of Legends. Gambit Esports signed the team HS.GG, where most of the players came from a line-up in the organisation HellRaisers. The start of their campaign was marked with successes through their attempt at qualifying for last year’s DreamHack Masters Malmö was unsuccessful.

The Big Leap

Earlier this year they had a leap in form propelling them from 14th to 3rd over a matter of months due to their win at the PGL Major Krakow 2017. Whilst this was impressive they still come into DreamHack Masters Malmö with a three-loss streak in the ESEA Premier Season 25, though none of those teams are featuring at this tournament.

A Loss of Leadership

The team’s players are a strong group and were, until a few days ago led by Zeus their in-game leader. This year he celebrated fifteen years as a pro player. He brought confidence and experience to the team whilst continuing to search for and train new talent. Winning a plethora of titles, he is loved by fans but has recently stepped down from the team currently leaving an as yet, unfilled vacancy. However, Zeus has left the team to join the as active roster to Natus Vincere with whom he played for 6 years prior to joining Gambit.

The Team Today

‘AdreN’ is a rifle and has played CS since 2004. With his high stats and excellent clutches, his plays are an example to other players. At 27 he is one of the oldest members and has been with the team since its formation. ‘Dosia’, also a rifler has played for a number of other teams and made a name for himself in the Russian Majors. The team’s awper, ‘mou’ has been playing for over ten years. Joining in 2016 he has been in a number of teams and played various other games as well. Lastly is ‘Hobbit’, 23 yrs. old, the rifler, and youngest on the team. He has been playing CS for ten years despite his age!

Will They Find a Replacement?

Between them, the team is highly experienced so the recent losses should not be to their detriment. However, the last minute loss of in-game leader Zeus, due to the kicking of coach Kane, could very well serve as the team’s downfall. As yet there is no replacement with only a few weeks to go before the tournament.

Is Gambit Esports Ready for the Win this Year?
Author: Lenny
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