Is This the Craziest Finish Ever?

Is This the Craziest Finish Ever?

One of the best examples of great will to finish to get a medal in the entire history of the Olympic Games comes from Los Angles in 1984. This was the first time women were allowed to have their own marathon in the Olympic Games, and there was a lot of excitement as to what the level would be and how it would be received.

Swiss Gabriela Anderson-Scheiss made sure that this marathon would get great attention and drama. After American Joan Benoit had finished first, Andersen-Scheiss entered the stadium some twenty minutes later. Everyone could see that she was on the verge of collapse at the time, and the sound of horror was very clear from the stands.

Everyone could see that her condition was horrible. Her right leg was seized, her torso was twisted and her left arm was limp. When the medical personnel ran to her assistance, she just waved them away, as she knew that she would be disqualified if they touched her. She also knew that she would never be able to finish if she laid down. The applause and cheering that she received when she walked very slowly around the last 400 meter towards the finishing line. Sometimes she had to stop to hold her head, while the medical personnel always stayed close to her and watched her very closely.

From the reactions of her body they could see that she had some spare liquids left in her, and allowed her to finish. When she reached the finishing line she just fell down over it, and the medics rushed to her immediate assistance. She finished 37th at a time that would have given her a gold medal at the first five marathons in the history of the modern games. Two hours after the race, she was released by the medical personnel.

Is This the Craziest Finish Ever?
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