Italy’s Olympic Uniform – Created by This Designer

Italy’s Olympic Uniform – Created by This Designer

I don’t think anyone will protest if I state that Italy is especially famous for three things: Sports, food and fashion. As we will see in the Olympics, two of these are things in which Italy is in the absolute top spots in the world (until cooking becomes an Olympic sport). Having some of the world’s most famous fashion designers throughout history, it comes as no surprise to learn that the clothing collection the Italian athletes are wearing in Rio has been made by Italian designers.

Being one of the most respected fashion houses in the world, Giorgio Armani was given the task of designing the Italian collection. They have given the athletes clothes both for casual everyday wear and for the more formal occasions.

They have been given both track suits and water proof jackets. In addition to this, polo shirts, Bermuda shorts and regular shorts have been handed out. The jackets have been delivered both with short and long sleeves and the polo shirts have the text “Fratelli d’Italia” written on them. This means “Brothers of Italy”.

Looking at the design, the most striking thing might be that the designers obviously has not felt the need to use that much of the Italian flag colours. This is quite unusual, as most of the other teams are either using traditional clothes or modern clothes with the colour of the national flag. In the Italian collection it is the dark blue colour that dominates. We don’t see much of the Italian red, green and white colours. The most striking exception from this is on the shoes. Two pairs of runners have been handed out: One white and one blue. On both of them we can see the colour of the Italian flag on the sides. No Olympic gear is complete without the national colours after all.

Italy’s Olympic Uniform – Created by This Designer
Author: Lenny
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