Jokerizer Casino Game

Jokerizer Casino Game


He may be a joker, but he’s nobody’s fool! Take on the Jokerizer casino game and you’ll find a classic slot that challenges you to get to the big prizes in the core of the game. Designed to be simple and easy to play, Jokerizer features five reels that spin stars, bells, cherries, and lemons, among others, along with the elusive Joker symbol that could be your pathway to real winnings. Not for the fainthearted, this casino game rewards persistence, and when you activate the Jokerizer mode you’ll be delighted you did – it could have you laughing all the way to the bank.

Jokerizer Bonus Games

There’s no need for Free Spins or Multipliers. Instead, by accumulating your winnings, you can reinvest them in the much richer reels that are hidden in the Jokerizer mode. In this mode the paying symbols are more plentiful and that rarely spotted Joker symbol will spin in more often. A mystery win is on offer, should you happen to spin three Jokers anywhere on the reels, and this could be anything from 1000 to 6000 coins. But the highest payout happens when three of those chuckling Jokers are lined up in a horizontal or diagonal line. If you’ve got the humour to keep going until the punch line, Jokerizer offers laughs and thrills aplenty.

Jokerizer Casino Game
Author: Lenny
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