Jurassic Park Casino Game

Jurassic Park Casino Game

Harking back to the 1993 classic, Microgaming has released a casino game that brings the film back to life. Five reels and 243 paylines mean that to win simply requires that you get matching symbols on reels next to each other. The setup is stunning: an eerie, dark jungle backdrop. There are nine symbols, five of which are dinosaurs, and four are characters from the original film. All are photo stills, which helps recreate the feel of Jurassic Park and throws the player right into the mix. The film logo becomes the wild, and a mosquito in amber represents the Scatter.

Jurassic Park Bonus Games

Alert mode is a random feature occurring when a T-Rex is seen, and for six consecutive spins 35 wilds pop up on the reels. Free Spins start when a minimum of three amber symbols turn up, offering five different sets, all labelled after dinosaurs, and each offers an initial 12 spins before providing other bonuses. For example, the T-Rex includes the Wild Reels during which Stacks of Wilds occur. Velociraptor brings in split and Multiplier Wilds, Brachiosaurus has the Mystery Multiplier, and Triceratops offers Running Wilds. This all helps to seriously increase a player’s chances of winning.

Jurassic Park Casino Game
Author: Madlin
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