Leicester Bow Out of the Champions League

Leicester Bow Out of the Champions League

Well, that is it for Britain in the Champions League. All the fans of North European football just have to admit that the south is just miles ahead right now, which became painfully clear during the quarter finals of the Champions League. The finish will be exciting though, almost as exciting as the semi-finals of the FA Cup this weekend.


Leicester was the only British hope left in the Champions League after some unconvincing performances by Arsenal, Manchester City, Celtic, Leicester and Tottenham. We all knew that it was a very thin hope, but they did not in any way make a fool of themselves. On the contrary, they have shown some very good performances this season. All the supporters of Leicester City can take pride in going as far as Bayern Munich and Barcelona did this season.

Two giants out

While it must be called a surprise to see Leicester going as far as the quarter-finals, it must also be called surprise that both Barcelona and Bayern Munich are out at this stage. There wouldn’t have been too many bets on that outcome before the tournament started, but a lot of people might have suspected it when it became clear that Juventus and Real Madrid were going to be their opponents. We now have Real Madrid, Juventus, Monaco and Atletico Madrid in the semi-finals. It is very hard to say much more than pointing out Monaco as the weakest team, but I think I will put my money on Juventus to take the trophy this season. We do not know if the winners will celebrate with carbonara, paella or fromage, but there will certainly be lots of wine.

FA Cup and Old Firm

The semi-finals of the FA Cup have to compete with the Old Firm for attention this weekend. Chelsea and Tottenham are both dreaming of taking the double this season, but after the game on Saturday there will only be one team who still has that hope. For Arsenal and Manchester City, the FA Cup represents the only genuine hope of a trophy this season. The Old Firm is the Old Firm. While Rangers have no hopes of beating Celtic in terms of league position, they should be more than motivated to deny The Boys an undefeated season. The Old Firm is one of the greatest football games in the world, and no table positions can ever change that.

Leicester Bow Out of the Champions League
Author: Lenny
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