Lincoln City 1-0 Burnley, Millwall 1-0 Leicester, draw for City, Arsenal – Sutton tonight, China’s open window

Lincoln City 1-0 Burnley, Millwall 1-0 Leicester, draw for City, Arsenal – Sutton tonight, China’s open window

This weekend gave us one very large surprise, and on top of that came two more ordinary surprises. The draw for the next round has already been made, even though we have one more game to go tonight. Another thing is that there are rumors that one of the best British players of all times might be heading off the island very soon.

Non-league in the quarterfinals

There should not be any doubt about what great surprise I was talking. Lincoln City from Conference went to Turf Moor to beat Burnley 0-1. When clubs from those levels goes this far it is often a result of some luck with the draws, but that is not really the cast for Lincoln. Before this round they had defeated Ipswich and Brighton from the Championship – the latter is in a very good place and seems likely to feature in the Premier League next season, so this is a very impressive run from Lincoln City. We also got two more usual surprises. Millwall from League 1 defeated the defending Premier League champions Leicester City 1-0. These two teams might meet again next year if they get relegated and promoted to the Championship. Manchester City has to take an extra game against Huddersfield after 0-0 away. Again, it is not unlikely that these two teams will meet again next season, for Huddersfield might very well get promoted.

Expected results

The surprises are a big part of the charm of the FA Cup, but we cannot get them all the time. Wolverhampton and Fulham were the teams that were the farthest away from giving us any real hope for surprise, as they lost 2-0 to Chelsea and 3-0 to Tottenham respectively. Oxford and Blackburn came much closer against Middlesbrough and Manchester United. After being 2-0 down, Oxford managed to get back into the game and equalize to 2-2 in the 65th minute. It looked like it might hold all the way to another game, Cristian Stuani gave Boro the win in the 86th minute. Blackburn got the first goal against Manchester United early in the game, but United went to half time with 1-1. It was not until the 75th minute that Zlatan Ibrahimovic gave The Red Devils the victory.Very good quarterfinals

Tonight we will get either the biggest surprise or the most expected result as Arsenal is facing Sutton United away in what is by far the most important game in the history of the club – Sutton that is, not Arsenal. If you love real football, it is mandatory to watch this game. The winner of this game will face Lincoln in the quarterfinals. If Sutton United is to move on, that means that we will have a non-league team in the semi-finals no matter what. If Arsenal moves on, we will get another great game between David and Goliath. But the biggest game of the quarterfinals will be Chelsea-Manchester United, next to a local derby between Tottenham and Millwall, while Middlesbrough will face either Mancherster City or Huddersfield.

Rooney to China?

While the English transfer window closed without anything very interesting happening in it, the clubs can still sell players to countries that still have an open window. One of the countries with an open window is China, which does not close for another two weeks. There are now coming reports that the clubs Beijing Guoan and Guangzhou Taobao wants Rooney into their squad in this time and they are said to be willing to pay him about 35 million pounds per year for his services. Everyone can see that he is not too happy with the situation at Old Trafford at this time, and he might want to consider his career soon. If one of the greatest British players of all times were to be sold to China, that might be a symbol of how the power balance of the world is changing.

Lincoln City 1-0 Burnley, Millwall 1-0 Leicester, draw for City, Arsenal – Sutton tonight, China’s open window
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