Live Baccarat Strategy

Live Baccarat Strategy

On the face of it, Baccarat looks like a simple enough card game. All you need to do is guess one of the three possible outcomes depending on the cards dealt. You could either choose the player or the banker to have the bigger value cards. A tie between the two is the third possible option.

The game depends on a certain amount of luck and the cards that are dealt. There is, however, the opportunity to use some intelligent strategy and boost your probability of winning.

Baccarat Strategy

With some practical strategies, you can end up raking in easy money from your bets. We bring to you some of the best tactics of the game:

Aim For Short Runs
Observe how your decisions are affecting your bankroll. If you are on a losing streak, stop after 3 or 4 rounds. When on a winning streak, we would suggest that you stop immediately after your first win or maybe stretch it to two wins.
Almost Never Bet On A Tie
The event of a tie occurring in a game of Baccarat is as rare as a blue moon. The tactic then is to either choose the player or the banker to have the higher value.
Choose The Banker
We suggest this strategy only if the commission owed to the banker is a bit lower than the standard 5%. This provides better returns on your bet.
The Number Of Decks
Usually eight decks are used in a game. The trick is to try and choose a table that has lower than the standard number. This improves your odds of winning.

Live Baccarat Strategy
Author: Lenny
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