Live Betting on Sports

Live Betting on Sports

Lenny is being generous and offering a way topick up some extra
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Live betting is becoming more and more popular every year since it first emerged at the beginning of the 2000s. What can boost your experience while watching football matches more than the opportunity of placing your bet while the game plays? Long gone are the days when you need to run to the betting shop so that you don’t miss that five-minute deadline before the game starts.

Today you can bet live on various sports such as ice hockey, tennis and basketball. Live betting on football is, however, the most popular choice for sports betting. SuperLenny offers you live betting options on a large number of sports.

It is common to place your bets on your mobile while you are watching the game in a pub with your friends. Others enjoy live betting from the comfort of their own home while watching the game on TV or via online streaming.

The truth is that you don’t even have to follow the game in order to feel the thrill of live betting. You can follow the odds movements and wait for the right odds on your favorite team or player to place your live bet. Then all you need to do is to wait to see how the game unfolds.

If the odds move in your favour, you always have the option of betting on the opponent or the opposite outcome of the game (laying your bet).

If you manage your bets right, you will already end up with a guaranteed profit (green out) before the game ends.

Whatever your preferred method of live betting is – while going out together with friends, while watching matches at home or while analysing betting markets on your computer screen – live betting is an exciting hobby. Live sports betting lets you follow the sports events and inspires you to learn more about various exciting areas such as sports psychology, maths, statistics and finance. And, of course, if you are skilled and/or lucky and can beat the odds, it can also bring you money.

Difference between pre-match and live bet

There are two main types of bets within sports betting:

  • Pre-match, where you place your bets before the game starts;
  • Live betting (sometimes also referred to as in-play, in-game or in-running) which refers to all the betting activities that occur from the moment the game starts until the game has finished.

SuperLenny splits these two betting types into two sections on site:

Sports (pre-match) and Live Sports (live betting). You can bet on a betting market before the match starts and then after it has started in our Live sports section. Note that not all matches are available for live betting.

Live betting vs pre-match – which one is better?

There are three aspects that are in the favour of pre-match betting:

  • No time delay. While betting live the game might be suspended at times and updated odds might be delayed or even be unavailable until the game ends;
  • More markets available. More bets are placed (high liquidity) pre-match and there is no time pressure as in live betting;
  • Odds are subject to low volatility until the game starts and the market gets closed. This means you have more time to analyse the situation and make adjustments to your bet.

On the other hand, live-betting wins this battle because:

  • The excitement of betting live is much more powerful than when you place a bet before the match;
  • High volatility means higher risks, but also higher winning opportunities;
  • You can follow the game while you bet and get a better understanding of what is happening on the field than you ever would while placing a pre-match bet.

SuperLenny believes that it is more fun to bet live, however, this does not go for everyone.

Many betting fans prefer playing the old-school style and placing their bets before the referee blows the whistle and the game starts. That’s why at SuperLenny we focus on providing the best of both worlds – pre-match betting and live betting.

Live Betting on Sports
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