Live Blackjack – Guide

Live Blackjack – Guide

There are many Live Blackjack games available here at SuperLenny’s and the differences between them can be a little difficult to spot at first. The main difference is with the betting limits as you can see by looking at the bottom-right hand side of the selection card. Some have very low buy-in rates and others shoot for the stars. Whatever kind of player you are, you can find a game that suits your budget very easily.

Great Casino Feeling

To play Live Blackjack there are only a few differences that set the game format apart from the computer-generated versions that have been around for years. The most obvious of these are the fact that you are linked with a live person that you are viewing through a webcam, and the inability to pause your game or set any kind of autoplay parameters. As you are playing against a real dealer in real time, you have to concentrate on the game closely while you play. While you may lose out on some the features of the RNG variants Lenny feels that the features added by the live dealer and players make the experience much more rewarding.

A Helpful Hint

When playing Live Blackjack, it is important to remember that you are, in fact, in a live room playing with live people. Therefore, it is advisable to follow proper Blackjack etiquette to maintain the casino ambiance that everyone is there for.

Another thing to keep in mind is to maintain your gambler’s discipline if you want to be successful. Review the rules for each of the Blackjack games that pertain to when the dealer will stay and when they will hit, as well as which figures you are allowed to split.

Live Blackjack – Guide
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