Live Blackjack Guide

Live Blackjack Guide

If you like blackjack, then you’re definitely going to love Live Blackjack. Whether you’re a casual player or a serious pro, Live Blackjack offers an incredible experience the likes of which is difficult to surpass. Interact with the dealers through chat systems available on screen (they’re more often than not an awesome bunch) whilst the HD cameras immerse you into a game that is familiar, yet new. And with different types available, Live Blackjack is bound to become one of your favourite games that you will go back to time and again.

Live Blackjack vs Casino Blackjack

The biggest difference between Live Blackjack and any other online Blackjack is, of course, the live dealer. If you are wondering what the benefits of a live dealer are, we are here to clear that up for you. First of all, playing blackjack with a real person in front of you takes the game as close to the real brick and mortar experience as possible. When playing Live Blackjack you can also interact with the dealer and other players at the table as well.

  • Realistic blackjack
  • Offers an interactive experience

When playing Live Blackjack, you can chat, make jokes, and even get help from the dealer if you are new to the game. They can also guide you through the steps available and offer applicable options, such as splitting the cards when you have a double or take insurance if the dealer gets an Ace as a face-up card. This makes the game play more exciting and can also be a great way to learn everything there is to know about Blackjack.

Another difference is that all Live Blackjack games will have a time limit for you to place your bet. If you do not place the bet by the time the timer runs out, you will not get any cards. Playing Live Blackjack games online can also offer a number of different side bets than other online Blackjack games simply do not. All of this makes Live Blackjack one of, if not the most, exciting types of Blackjack that you can play online; all from the comfort of your own home.

  • Exclusive side bets
  • Helpful and friendly dealers

Live Blackjack Bonuses

Bonuses on Live Blackjack will, for the most part, depend on the casino rather than the game itself. Blackjack, however, is considered to be low-risk and as such not many casinos will offer bonuses on this game. Bonuses can include welcome bonuses and seasonal offers that include Live Blackjack so do take the time to check the T&Cs. Side bets can also be a great way to win bonus money so always read the game’s instructions carefully to learn of all the ways you can win.

Choosing an online casino

When it comes to Live Blackjack, there are many online casinos to choose from. The casino will usually team up with a supplier (in some cases more than one) who runs the actual game. If you have a preferred supplier, check whether their Live Blackjack is available at the casino. If you enjoy loyalty programmes, it might be worth checking the contributions Live Blackjack awards. Do you have a welcome bonus? Then check the wagering requirements conditions since this can also affect which games you end up playing if you want to make the quota.

Live Blackjack Rules

Live Blackjack rules are basically the same as with any other blackjack game. Each player at the table gets two cards, including the dealer. All players have their cards face up with the dealer getting one face up and one face down cards. Each player will then get an option to hit or stand. Once all players stand or bust (gets a total of more than 21), the dealer will reveal the face-down card and finish the hand. The dealer usually stands at 17 and has to hit up to 16.

To count the value of the hand, you need to know the value of each card, which is very simple. All number cards from 2 to 10 carry the value of that number. All face cards count as 10, and the Ace can be either 1 or 11. For example, if you have 3 and King, it’s 13, but if you have 3 and Ace, it can be 4 or 14. Blackjack is an Ace and any face card and this combination is superior to all other hands of 21.

Different types of Live Blackjack

When it comes to Live Blackjack. there are many different types to choose from. Of course, the standard game of blackjack is available at virtually all casinos however if you’re the old-school kind of player, do check the list of available games to make sure. Due to the physical nature of Live Blackjack, you might not always find an available seat at a table. However, some versions allow for a virtually unlimited number of players through the clever use of technology including the ability to bet on other players.

Other versions allow all players to decide their next move at the same time, thereby saving you time. Creative side-bets are also a common occurrence with some variations of Live Blackjack giving you more ways to win. Limits can also vary from game to game with some versions also having innovative features like historical data and statistics to help you strategise better. Which type of Live Blackjack you’ll prefer will boil down to your preferences and expectations so do have a look around and see what you enjoy the most.

Live Blackjack Strategy

There are many Live Blackjack strategies, some are simple enough whilst some can be quite sophisticated. Whether you are new to the game or you want to take your gameplay to the next level, here are some tips for your consideration. Everything starts with choosing the right table. Decide on your budget and choose the table with a minimum bet that will not empty your pockets after the first round. It is also better to choose the seat that will give you the biggest advantage.

Splitting allows you to split identical cards which you are free to do when you have a less favourable hand. Insurance may or may not help you depending on the situation you are in so always consider carefully to ensure the best possible outcome for you. In some scenarios, you might want to consider how likely is it that the dealer will go bust, and then adjust your strategy accordingly. In Live Blackjack, the dealer’s loss can be your win so do not rush more than you have to.

Best Blackjack Titles

Live Blackjack titles come in all flavours. We truly enjoy the VIP titles which can carry some extra refinement and panache. The dealer can also make a huge difference to the enjoyment of the game and it’s not uncommon for friendships to form over a game of Live Blackjack. You might also enjoy the more animated titles, with suppliers going as far as to have two dealers in a talk-show oriented setting. When it comes to Live Blackjack, you are more than likely to find exactly what you like so do look around.

How to have fun playing Live Blackjack

Playing Live Blackjack should be most of all fun. Different casinos and different suppliers offer a vast range of experiences whether that is within the actual games or the bonuses that might be tied to them. Different titles will also offer distinctive experiences by way of minimum bets, speed, and side bets offered. Take the time to understand which type of gameplay you enjoy the most before going all in. Other than that, have plenty of fun playing this amazing game!

Live Blackjack Guide
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