Live Blackjack Strategy

Live Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is the most popular casino game and as such is found in almost all casinos. Unlike many casino games where your win depends entirely on luck, this game requires skill to beat the dealer in it. You can read and interpret numbers to reduce the house edge.

Use strategy tables


Strategy tables in Blackjack are formulas that have been tried and tested mathematically to determine your best card combination as well as that of the dealer. Depending on the game variant and the deck number used, there are several versions to choose from.

When playing in an online casino, open another tab with the relevant strategy table. Keep checking the optimum move of every hard you get dealt with. Should your splits the pair or double down on the hand? Keep going through the chart for the best moves.

Don’t play side bets


Blackjack has a number of options such as Perfect Pair and 21+3 for side bets to punt on. These include Perfect Pair and 21+3. While you may be tempted to try to win a humongous payout from this kind of bet, you should always avoid them.

While the payout in side bets is bigger than the base game, you increase the house edge when you play them. While you may be lucky to win a huge amount on these side bets, you will end up the loser in the long run.

Choose a live casino with the best promos and bonuses


You can easily boost your winning potential with blackjack bonuses. These will boost your bankroll and enables you to play for long. Choose a casino with favourable live game conditions. They should also offer special live game bonuses. Also, choose an operator with regular live blackjack promotions.

Quick live blackjack tips

  • Understand card counting
  • Learn when you should hit and when you should stand
  • Use CAD casino bonuses

Become a pro in your game


Blackjack games are different. In fact, you will rarely come across two variations with similar rules. Therefore, you can’t apply the same basic strategies in a different game variant. Even the small details will affect the house edge. Therefore ensure that you understand the rules of each variant.

Some of the information to learn include the pay of each blackjack, the decks in each shoe and whether you can double on two cards or with the exact total. Find out when you are allowed to split hands and for how many times.

Card counting

This is what comes to mind when players hear about blackjack strategy. When playing live dealer blackjack, you can always try the card counting technique. This is a blackjack technique that will help you to carefully follow the number of low and high cards in your shoe.

This gives you an idea of the next card and therefore, helps the scale to fall to your advantage. Hi-Lo is the easiest system of counting cards. For every low you see, you will add a point and for each of the high cards, you deduct a point.

Choose your table wisely

You will need a lot of discipline while playing blackjack. You should avoid playing live blackjack where the minimum bet isn’t suitable for your bankroll. Pick a table whose minimum bet is not more than five percent of your bankroll. When you do that, you will last longer.

Play each hand separately and sit the furthest from the dealer

When using a blackjack betting strategy, you should avoid laying multiple hands concurrently. Instead, focus on one hand at a time to have a successful strategy. Take a position at the live table that is furthest from the dealer. This way, you will see the played out cards.

Avoid insurance

For people who count cards, insurance is helpful. However, blackjack uses different card decks and this can make it very hard to count cards. This removes the need for insurance as the insurance bet’s odd is 9:4 when an ace is shown by the dealer.

For instance, if you made thirteen insurance bets in a single game worth one pound each, there are chances that you will four of the bets amounting to four pounds. You will then lose in the other nine amounting to nine pounds ending with a loss of five pounds.

Find a blackjack table with 3:2

There are many different live jack tables and each of these comes with different variations. You can choose your preferred variation but you must ensure that you choose a table with a blackjack that has a pay of 3:2 with the dealer standing on soft 17.

Use a cheat sheet

Are you wondering when you should stand or hit? Since you are alone at home, you can print a cheat sheet for reference. There are many Blackjack sheets online. These are grids that offer you optimum plays depending on your card and that of the dealer.

Don’t be intimidated by the pit boss’ shout when you are using a cheat sheet. All you need to do is to print it out and place it close to the keyboard. You can follow the grid to have an idea of what the sheet needs.

Use “bet behind” feature

If a live blackjack game has all seats occupied, you might be given the option of betting behind another player’s table. You will have to make a separate bet on the player’s hands without control of their play unless you talk to them through chat.

When you are allowed to play without a seat, you will get an opportunity to ride on the winning streak of another player as long as you make your choice wisely. You may also get a chance to learn from a more experienced player.

Use Demo mode to test

Now that you already have a live blackjack strategy, you might feel ready to start playing. But before you can bet real money, you should play in demo mode to test yourself. This will give you an idea of your level of skills in Blackjack live.

Live Blackjack Strategy
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