Live Blackjack – Strategy

Live Blackjack – Strategy

Blackjack is a pretty straightforward game with simple rules and an even simpler target. The player faces off with the dealer and tries to best him hand after hand. The object is to get a hand that equals 21, or as close as you can come to it without going over. If the dealer goes over, the player wins even if his hand is nowhere near 21. Live Blackjack works in exactly the same way and any strategy that works for the traditional version of the game will also work well for the live-feed version.

Since Blackjack is basically a race against the dealer to reach 21 the choices you make are largely dependent on the dealer’s hand. Most strategies are based on knowing when your hand is enough to beat the dealer and so the probabilities of who will reach 21 and who will go past the winning number when they hit is of huge importance.

Get to Know the Dealers Hand

It is always a good idea when looking at the dealer’s hand to assume that the hidden card is a 10. That way, there are no surprises when things come to a close. If the dealer’s showing card is low, try to hit until you have a higher number than the dealer’s assumed hand. For example, if the dealer’s showing card is a 6, it is a good idea to try and get at least a 17. That way, if the dealer’s hidden is 10 and they do not hit, you will win the hand.

How You Can Play Your Hand

If you get a soft 17, such as an Ace and a 6, you should always hit because that Ace can be counted as a one if you need it to be. Generally speaking, however, you would not want to hit a hard 17 or greater as the risk of busting is too great. You should also double down on an 11, and if you get pairs of Aces or 8’s you should split, but you should not split 5’s and 10’s.

Following a few simple strategic rules for when to hit, stand, split, and double down will help you tip the scales in your favour.

Live Blackjack – Strategy
Author: Lenny
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