Live French Roulette Guide

Live French Roulette Guide

French Roulette is often considered a less popular version of the American and European Roulette. Part of the reason lies in the table design and terms that players are not familiar with. We have composed an easy and quick guide that will take you through the intricacies of the French version.

The Easy Guide to French Roulette

The primary objective of the game remains the same: predict a number, spin a wheel, and pocket some cash. The difference lies in the layout of the table and in the French names of certain bets. For your convenience we have listed the bets that you would find on the French variation, linking it to the more common version:

ManqueLow (1 – 18)
PasseHigh (19 – 36)
P-12 (Premiere 12)1st Dozen (1 – 12)
M-12 (Moyenne 12)2nd Dozen (13 – 24)
D-12 (Derniere 12)3rd Dozen (25 – 36)

The other major difference is the Racetack bet area. Here players can place various bets that cover different sections of the roulette wheel. The three sections are:

  • Neighbours of zero – You can place bets on 17 numbers around the green 0. The French name is Voisins du Zero.
  • Thirds of the wheel – You can place bets on 12 numbers that are placed opposite to the ‘Neighbours of zero’ on the table. The French name is Tiers du Cylindre.
  • Orphans – This section covers all the remaining numbers left on the table. The French name is Orphelins.

Live French Roulette Guide
Author: Lenny
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