Live French Roulette Rules

Live French Roulette Rules

What makes French Roulette a bit more exciting than the more popular versions is that it follows the traditional rules for the most part, but also offers an interesting turn that players can take advantage of.
We start off with the regular rules that are:

  1. Players choose their bets and place the chips on the table. The bets could be on one particular number or on a range of numbers grouped together.
  2. There are also the ‘outside bets’ where players can pick a larger group of numbers or even the pocket colour.
  3. There are minimum and maximum bets that allow both conservative and risky wagers.
  4. Players can continue to place their bets even when the wheel is spinning.
  5. When the dealer announces “Rien ne va plus”, no more bets can be placed.
  6. After the winning number or colour is announced, a dolly is placed to mark the respective number or colour. The dealer then clears the losing bets and makes the payout to the winner.
  7. The next round then starts with fresh bets.

The Interesting Turn

Players who try French Roulette can decrease the house edge by almost half due to a couple of rules that are loaded in their favour. They are:

  • La Partage – If you lose a round, you receive half the bet amount back.
  • Tea
  • En Prison – The bets are held back for another round, like in ‘a prison’. This gives players a second chance to make good on their first bets. It also allows players to manage their bankrolls more effectively.
    The two rules allow players to gain the maximum from their bets and makes this version that much more appealing. French Roulette may look different, but once you get the hang of it, the game can be extremely rewarding.

Live French Roulette Rules
Author: Lenny
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