Live French Roulette Strategy

Live French Roulette Strategy

One may ask what strategy has got to do with a game that is based more on luck than any other factor. That being said, a player cannot harm his odds by a careful selection of bets.
Here are some simple strategies that will boost your chance of pocketing wins.

French Roulette Strategies

The thing about French Roulette is that it is loaded slightly in favour of the player, with its unique rules of La Partage and En Prison. All that is left to do is to utilize these rules and turn them to your advantage. Here are some easy yet effective strategies that players can employ:

Start Low
They say that you should crawl before you walk and walk before you run. The same holds true for French Roulette. Start with bets that present the lowest odds. If you feel you are on a roll, go for the higher bets.
Divide Your Bankroll
Players who usually strike it rich in roulette are the ones who win small but win more often. Which is why it makes practical sense to divide your bet money into smaller units. We suggest you start with a hundredth of your bankroll. This translates into 2 chips if your total money is 200, but never play for more than you’re comfortable to lose.
Favour Outside Bets
Inside bets may be more tempting with their high rewards, but the chance of winning one is also quite high. We prefer outside bets. They offer low odds and encouraging returns, which can then be used to play more rounds. As we said before, the more you play, the more you may win.

Live French Roulette Strategy
Author: Lenny
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