Liverpool Playing Under the Radar

Liverpool Playing Under the Radar

Southampton filed a formal complaint with the Premier League recently when they learned of Liverpool’s illegal move to entice the famed Dutch centre-half, Virgil van Dijk to join Liverpool. This was not the first move like this by Liverpool in recent years, and to quickly defuse the situation, the club has formally denounced any interest in the player they were so desperately trying to get their hands on.

Sneaky Meetings

Despite the rules against Tapping Up in Virgil’s air-tight contract with Southampton, the player still met with the German manager for Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp in Blackwater to discuss the terms of the transfer. Of course, Southampton was unaware of this meeting and when they saw that the terms of the deal were posted online, they became both angered and surprised. It is clear that Klopp is growing more accustomed to these methods.

Just over a year ago, Liverpool was found to be doing something similar with a youth player from Stoke City, and as a result they are currently suspended from bringing any academy players into their team. While the circumstances are a little different between the youth and Virgil van Dijk, these events both show a pattern in Liverpool’s recruitment strategies that punters should pay close attention to.


In an interesting turn of events, Liverpool formally apologized for the alleged meeting and made it clear that the club was officially dropping their pursuit of the player. What is especially interesting about it is that since there was never any actual record of the meeting that took place, the statement comes as an admission that wrongdoing was afoot. This proves that the articles that were posted online to advertise the impending transfer of the famous centre-half had, in fact, been fuelled by information coming directly form Liverpool’s upper management. Clearly, Liverpool is trying to kill this situation before it gets out of hand, possibly resulting in more regulatory measures by the governing bodies in the league.

Southampton Holds Their Ground

In recent years, Southampton has lost many good players to other clubs and they are adamant that Van Dijk will not go as well. Ralph Krueger has stated very clearly that he has no intention of trading or selling Van Dijk, nor will he in the future. The coveted player has a contract that will end in 2022 and Southampton is looking to keep him until the end of that contract.

Liverpool Playing Under the Radar
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