Man U on the fall and Chelsea on top – for now

Man U on the fall and Chelsea on top – for now

All the British leagues are coming closer and closer to the half season mark. The Premier League has only five games to go and The Championship has four. Both of these leagues are highly intriguing, a fact that cannot be stated about the league that is being played north of Hadrian’s wall. A win for Rangers and Celtic and a draw for hearts means that the situation is not changing. Celtic is still eight points ahead of Rangers with three games less played. We might as well call it a day.

The situation in the English Premier League is, of course, extremely different. Here we see that there are now three points separating Chelsea on 1st place from Manchester City on 4th place. In between we find Arsenal and Liverpool. The top four teams are the only ones to have reached 30 points. Liverpool and Manchester City lost their games to Bournemouth and Chelsea, while Arsenal reached 31 points by making a fool out of West Ham, especially in the second half of the game. An impressive 5-0 win for Tottenham against Swansea means that they are also a part of the struggle for top four, as they are now only three points behind Manchester City and Liverpool.

Manchester United on 6th place are now nine points behind the 4th place and 13 (!) points behind Chelsea on 1st place. It is extremely difficult to imagine how they can be able to be a force to reckon with this season. It is of course not impossible for them to have a great run and get involved with the top four again, but it just looks very unlikely right now. And the result 1-1 against Everton confirms this. United had the game until the 89th minute when Leighton Baines gave Everton the one point. It is games like this that shows why some teams are on top while others are in the middle of the table.

The Championship is probably one of the craziest leagues on the British Isle. Ten points are separating Newcastle in 1st place from Huddersfield in 8th place. Anyone who knows the history and character of this league, knows how uncertain it is. This weekend neither Newcastle nor Brighton in 2nd place managed to take three points. Reading in 3rd place got smashed 5-0 against Fulham in 10th place, while Birmingham on 5th place lost 3-0 to Barnsley in 12th place. Out of the now top 5 teams, only Leeds United won this weekend – against Aston Villa. If you love Championship football, you have great entertainment all year round.

The Premier League has one more game to go this round, a game between the newly promoted teams Middlesbrough and Hull at 20:00 tonight. After this we will get some British performances in the Champions League this week. None of them are very important though, and they will not make anything besides cosmetic differences for the teams involved. The same is not true for the games in Europa League on Thursday, however – both Southampton and Manchester United have a great deal to play for against Zorya and Hapoel Beer Sheva.

Man U on the fall and Chelsea on top – for now
Author: Lenny
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