Manchester United missed a big win while Tottenham is climbing up the table

Manchester United missed a big win while Tottenham is climbing up the table

Sunday’s game between Manchester United and Stoke City ended with a 1-1 draw. Though due to Manchester United’s domination on the court, and the no less than 24 shots, they should have won the game by 5 goals or more – at least according to their manager, Jose Mourinho. He claims that this match is one of the best Manchester United has played, and says this could have been one of the really big wins. Mourinho also applauds Stoke’s goalkeeper, Lee Grant, for doing an excellent job on the field and did a series of very good savings. Manchester United’s midfielder Ander Herrera also agree with his manager, and actually claims that the result should have been 7-0. He believes that he and his team controlled the game and played fantastic – and this resulted in a bitter feeling, which is completely understandable.

The goalkeeper, Lee Grant, is considered the man of the match with his 8 savings – which is a record this season.

Burnley – Arsenal

The match between Burnley and Arsenal this Sunday, ended with a 1-0 to the latter. Burnley had to accept a tough defeat at Turf Moor when Arsenal secured victory with a goal from Laurent Koscielny as a result of a riveting match. This win helped Arsenal to minimise the gap between them and the league’s leaders, Manchester City, as they lost 2-0 at Tottenham this Sunday. Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is proud of his team after the victories over Chelsea this league, and the victory over Basel in the Champions League last week – although he has admitted that the team were lucky in Sunday’s match.

There was a question of whether or not Koscielny had a deliberate handball, and there was also a question of offside, but Burnley did not appeal, and the referee Craig Pawson did not see anything wrong with Koscielny’s play. Arsenal’s win has now secured them a fifth successive Premier League win – and it also ensured Wenger another win in his career as a manager.

Arsenal played as they usually do, with accurate, quick and dominant play, but their strategic play would soon break down when they closed in on Burnley’s half of the court. And they only had one goal attempt before the half time, which quickly made them realise just how good and organised Burnley’s defence is.Tottenham – Manchester City

Another exciting match this Sunday was between the Premier League-leader Manchester City and Tottenham. Tottenham was the winning team, and has now climbed up to second in the table with this 2-0 win. Manchester City’s Josep Guardiola had to accept this defeat as the first one for six games. Tottenham are now Premier League’s only unbeaten team, and this is well deserved.

Both teams were missing great players: Tottenham were missing Harry Kane, and Manchester were missing Kevin de Bruyne. There was little doubt on who had a better solution to cope with injuries, and that was a huge advantage to Tottenham.

It was, however, a pretty close match if you look at the statistics. Manchester City had possession for 58% of the game, while Tottenham had 42%. And Tottenham had 7 shots on target, whereas Manchester City had 6.

Tottenham’s Mauricio Pochettino was very pleased with beating Manchester City, and said that mentality, passion and aggression is the key to a good game and that they need to keep that in mind for the upcoming games. And Manchester City’s Josep Guardiola admitted that it was a tough game, and said that his team were a little late in all aspects. He also thinks that this can give them the inspiration to improve.

Let’s not forget the match between Liverpool and Swansea City this Saturday. Liverpool won the game 2-1, but Swansea made sure they had a tough competition. Leroy Fer gave Swansea City their lead for the first 45 minutes with his goal, but that was quickly levelled by Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino, headed in shortly after the half time. The second goal was netted by James Milner.

The upcoming matches are really going to be interesting, and especially the game between Arsenal and Swansea, considering how they both did this weekend.

Manchester United missed a big win while Tottenham is climbing up the table
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