Movers and Shakers

Movers and Shakers

The late weekend and midweek football saw some shuffling in the ranks for the Premier league in the United Kingdom. In the Championships however, things appear to be settling down.

Chelsea Forges Ahead

It was a big game for Chelsea this week. Not so much for the team they were against, Middlesbrough, but rather the implications a win would have on the rankings of the Premier League. The now relegated Middlesbrough were sorely outclassed as they got hammered in a 3 – nil loss to Chelsea. This emphatic victory leaves Chelsea one single win away from claiming the title, something they may well achieve this Friday against West Brom. Overwhelmed and underplaying, Middlesbrough are now back on their way to the Championships.

More Premier League action

The much-anticipated Arsenal – Manchester United match up shook up the table. Arsenal’s win at 2 – nil has flipped the teams on the board with Arsenal now taking that fifth spot. In addition they put an end to Man City’s unbeaten stretch before the Premier league and boosted their own hopes of finishing in the final four. However there are hopes for Man United as neither side played at their best and for the most part it was a rather unexceptional game.

Champions League movements

Juventus beat a largely unremarkable Monaco 2 – 1 midweek. This has secured Juventus their second Champions League final in almost as many seasons. They also now stand 2 – 0 against Monaco in this season match ups. This year marks a potential for a Juventus comeback as they haven’t won the competition since 1996, maybe this will finally be their year.

Wednesday saw the second leg for Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, the score this time apparently favouring Atletico. Whilst the scoreboard sitting 2 -1 to Atletico might seem to give credit to them, this is far from the case and Real still came away as the winners from the contest, all kept alive by a last ditch goal from Isco. Atletico now need three more goals in order to reach the Champions league final whilst Real can prepare for upcoming games.

The Coming Week

Another big Premier League weekend is coming up. More games for Chelsea to cement their top position, and last chances for Tottenham, Everton, Manchester City and Arsenal to try and pull ahead. More games for Sunderland and Middlesbrough but their fates are all but sealed.

Movers and Shakers
Author: Lenny
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