Natus Vincere – Born To Win, But Can They?

Natus Vincere – Born To Win, But Can They?

Latin for ‘born to win,’ Natus Vincere is also known as Na`Vi. Founded in 2009 the team was formed following the collapse of the Ukraine roster KerchNET. The subsequent competitions did not see the team play well. After a string of ups and downs, the team started to move forward in a positive way and headed into 2010 in much better form. It was in 2010 that Na`Vi had a string of wins at both Major and premier tournaments; Arbalet Asia 2010, Arbalet Ukraine 2010 and Arbalet Cup Best of Four, as well as Intel Extreme Masters IV and World Cyber Games 2010.

After also winning DreamHack Winter 2010, Na`Vi took the record for most prize money obtained in Counter-Strike’s history. Their winning streak from that year however, is something that they haven’t, as yet, been able to repeat.

The Roster

Currently Na`Vi has the Ukrainian Ioann “Edward” Sukhariev. A highly experienced player, he has won more than ten ASUS Cups in Counter-Strike 1.6, one of the highest records in players from CIS. His role of entry fragger makes him highly effective. A unique style of play, he combines a consistency with efficiency, creating successes in important rounds of play. Russian Egor “Flamie” Vasilyev has already played in a number of teams thus improving his skill but so far has not won at any major tournaments. His performance though has made him a standout and brought him to the attention of other teams.

An excellent addition he excels in shooting, which is his particular skill, and helps propel the team to another level. Nineteen-year-old Oleksandr “S1mple” Kostyliev is the youngest on the team. He is an efficient rifler and AWPer with huge potential. Playing only for a few years he just needs to gain more experience. His strengths are consistency in aiming and also his in-game aggression, which enhances his ability to take down opponents and makes him a formidable rival. Denis “seized” Kostin has now stepped off the bench to return to active duty and complete the team as rifler.

The newest addition to the team is Daniil “Zeus” Teslenko. “Zeus” was in-game leader for Gambit, though he had played in Na`Vi for 6 years, and has now returned as their In-Game Leader. Pro for fifteen years, he brings huge experience and stability to the team.

Can They Rekindle Former Glory?

Currently ranked as fourteenth the team will have a lot of work to do to regain its former titles, and with a roster only finalized in the last few days they have mere weeks to get used to each other as a team.

Natus Vincere – Born To Win, But Can They?
Author: Lenny
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