Not So Sizzling This Week

Not So Sizzling This Week

It’s all gone a bit quiet this week in terms of sporting events. Luckily we still have some cricket events to keep us going, and for those who like their action more fast paced an American Football event can be caught right at the end of the week.

It’s not Real Football!

On 24th September, Britain sees a rather unfamiliar sport gracing its shores. Wembley Stadium in London will host an American Football game. Rather different to the more genteel football that the British are used to, this is a hard-hitting contact sport reminiscent of rugby rather than football. Kick-off is at 2.30pm and features a game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Baltimore Ravens. In a bid to bring a wider audience to this very popular North American sport, there are now four games to be played every year in the UK. All of them will be hosted in London and since 2007, when the first game was played here; there has been gradual yet increasing interest in the sport. Games are played across both Wembley Stadium and Twickenham, and there looks to be further growth in the coming years.

Cricket Craziness

For the cricket lovers out there, the next week or so is a good one. For five days starting on the 19th September and ending on the 29th September, England will face the West Indies in the ODIs. The first three games will take place this week, with the last two held the following week. At this time, England looks to be the favourite, with England winning the three games back in March. The 2014 tournament also resulted in England being the victors with the West Indies only winning one of the games.

ODIs are One Day International games. These games usually only contain 50 overs; similar to the way the Cricket World Cup is played. Whilst short, these games are considered to be challenging and a true demonstration of the talents of both teams. A latecomer to the cricket world though, they only became developed in 1971 with the first game played between England and Australia on the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

What’s on Next Week?

Whilst there are many sporting events on in the week ahead, none of them are based in the UK. The rowing World Championships will take place in Florida, World Artistic Championships in Gymnastics begins in Montreal and another Formula One race will take place in Sepang for the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Not So Sizzling This Week
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