Opening With a Bang!

Opening With a Bang!

Here is B.O.O.T-dS who lost against SK Gaming in the initial match of Group A

The day has finally arrived! It has been a long wait since the last major event occurred. Most of the teams have had their fair share of reshuffling, but now they’re ready to show off their skills in this second DreamHack Malmö event. This first day will see two matches played simultaneously at each scheduled time, one on the A feed and one on the B stream, so you may need to pick and choose which games to watch through in their entirety.

The First Matches

The opening games saw the top and bottom teams in the tournament pitted against each other – SK Gaming versus the surprise entrants, 106th ranked B.O.O.T-dS, and also Astralis against the Renegades, both matches started at 1pm. As predicted, SK Gaming emphatically destroyed an overwhelmed B.O.O.T-dS 16 to 2 on the Mirage Map. In similar fashion Astralis set the Renegades packing 16-3 on Train. Whilst both the underdog teams put up a fight, they were severely out matched and will face the elimination rounds later today. Natus Vincere has also come out swinging, wiping out 16-4.

Later Today

The rest of the teams are playing each other throughout the day. We’re still waiting for the results of the afternoon match that has North going up against Cloud9, and there will be four more matches; two starting at 4:00pm and two starting at 5.30pm. Once all the initial rounds have been played, the elimination matches will begin at 7pm and will continue into the night, knocking out four teams before the end of the day. B.O.O.T-dS are waiting to find out if they will be up against North or Cloud9, and we already know that Renegades will be facing

So far we have seen harsh losses for B.O.O.T-dS, Renegades and It does not bode well for any of them in the elimination rounds, although at least they will be more evenly matched. Emphatic victories today for both Astralis and SK Gaming are only serving to cement their positions as top two in this tournament.

Photo credit:  DreamHack, Adela Sznajder

Opening With a Bang!
Author: Lenny
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