Poker Wordlist

Poker Wordlist

Poker has quite a vast terminology. Getting to grips with the lingo may seem overwhelming, so we have created an explanatory word list to help you get started.

Ace in the hole: Refers to one of the face-down cards being an ace.

Act: When players make a play; be it check, bet, raise etc. during their specific turn.

Action: A player’s turn.

Add-on: Occurs during a live game, and is the process of buying more chips before announcing a bust.

Air: A term for when one player allows another player to know that they are about to draw at least one more card. This is usually aimed at a player who is about to fold, and is an attempt to make that second player call.

All in: Placing a bet with all remaining chips on a single hand.

Angle: Engaging in a method of play that is thought of as unethical but is still tolerated.

Ante: Is a bet that is required; some poker games require this before the game can commence play.

Back in: Is when a player enters a game by checking and subsequently calling someone else on the first round. This tends to occur in jackpot games that do not require an opener in order to enter.

Behind: When a player does not have the best hand at the current time.

Blind: A forced bet.

Bluff: A staple of poker, this is when a player makes a bet with a hand that is very unlikely to be a winning hand. It can be done to make money or to cover up any patterns that might be observed of a player’s game strategy.

Call: The process of making or raising a bet.

Cap: When the number of raises is limited per round.

Dead hand: A hand that is not allowed to be played, such as having the incorrect number of cards, or fouled by touching another set of cards.

Flash: A card that gets seen, however briefly, by at least one player and then must be shown to all players by the dealer. The card will then be placed in the discard pile.

Flop: Dealing the first three face up cards on the table.

Jackpot: A variant of poker where five cards are drawn, an ante is taken from all players, and an opener of at least a pair of jacks is needed in order to start.

Limit: The smallest and largest amount that can be wagered.

Live Poker: A poker game that is played at a table with a real dealer, rather than a virtual game where cards are determined by RNGs. Many Live Poker games can be found at Super Lenny Casino.

Misdeal: A deal that contains an error for some reason and therefore must be dealt again.

Shark: A player that is a professional.

Tell: A discernible change in behaviour of a player that gives other players an indication of what their next phase of play will be.

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Poker Wordlist
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