Quarter Final Analysis: France-Iceland

Quarter Final Analysis: France-Iceland

We will see the undisputedly biggest surprise of the championship, Iceland, facing home favourites France in Paris. It will be very exciting to see if Iceland can manage to surprise us yet again.

But the word surprise is very relative in this context. We have been getting used to seeing Iceland giving us some great performances. They reached the playoffs in the qualifiers for the 2014 world cup in Brazil, and in the qualification to the Euros this year they defeated Netherlands and Turkey. We have become so used to seeing Icelandic surprises that they are no longer so surprising.

France should both be nervous and happy about this. Iceland is one of the weakest teams that they could have been facing in the quarter finals, but they know now that they are also capable of beating anyone. I think France is a much stronger team than England this year, so if Iceland were to defeat France as well, this would be a much bigger surprise than them beating England. But France has had big problems against weaker opponents earlier in this championship, not scoring the goals that gave them the win against both Albania and Romania until very late in the games.

The winner will face Italy or Germany in the semi-finals.

Quarter Final Analysis: France-Iceland
Author: Lenny
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