Quarter Final Analysis: Wales-Belgium

Quarter Final Analysis: Wales-Belgium

Wales-Belgium is a game with one very obvious favourite: Belgium. But as we all know, the favourites do mess it up quite often in tournaments like the European Championship.

Belgium did not look good in their opening game against Italy, but their performance in the later games has been much better. Especially the games against Ireland and Hungary are worth mentioning. In the latter, they finished the game by scoring three goals in the last 15 minutes of the game, ending the game with a 4-0 win. The game against Italy, however, showed us that they can have problems when facing a good opposition. Although Wales is not in Italy’s league, they are one step above the teams that Belgium has played well against so far.

Wales is a team that relies largely on Bale and Ramsey. Both of them have been among the best players in the tournament, and I would say that both of them have been better than any of the Belgian players. It remains to be seen if that is enough for this game, though.

What is sure is that both teams now feel that the possibility of reaching the final is not that far-fetched. The prospect of facing the winner of Poland-Portugal in the semi-finals must be a great motivating factor.

Quarter Final Analysis: Wales-Belgium
Author: Lenny
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