Referee profile: Jonas Eriksson

Referee profile: Jonas Eriksson
Refereeing since:1994
Tournaments served:European Championship and qualifications, Champions League, Europa League, Club World Cup, World Cup and qualifications, Allsvenskan
Semi-final match:Portugal-Wales

Swedish match official Jonas Eriksson is not doing this for the money anymore. He sold his share of the stocks in a Swedish company some ten years ago, making him a multi-millionaire. He has said that the best thing in his life now I refereeing football. A referee who does this simple because he loves the game and what he is doing is probably the best we can get.

We can’t say that Eriksson is a strict referee at all. In the Euro 2016 he has refereed two games so far, Turkey-Croatia and Russia-Wales. In the first match he gave four yellow cards, and two in the second. He has not given any red cards or penalties.

This can be said about his entire career as well. After 119 international matches he has given 18 penalties, 19 red cards and 430 yellow cards. This means an average of 0,15 penalties, 0,16 red cards and 3,61 yellow cards per game. He seems like a good choice for a match like this, and we should not expect him to receive much attention after the game. For a referee, that is the best thing that can happen.

Referee profile: Jonas Eriksson
Author: Lenny
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