Renegades on Form

Renegades on Form

Founded in March 2015 and originally called Misfits, this American organization only had a League of Legends team at the start. By June of the same year, they had changed their name and also acquired a CS:GO team. Whilst actually an American organization, the CS:GO team is mainly an Australian one as the organization gained the Aussie team Vox Eminor.

The team has changed a few times since then with “AZR” and “jks” the only remaining original players. Currently number 21 in the world, the team’s overall gameplay has been successful, and 2016 saw them placed second in many high profile competitions. This year the team won their first Major; the Asia Minor Championship 2017, where they beat the Chinese mega team TyLoo. However they lost the DreamHack Open Atlantic in the semi-finals to EnVyUs who they will have to face again later this month.

Renegades Roster

The team roster has been fairly consistent since 2015, however than have been a couple of new additions, with one new team member recruited just weeks before DreamHack Malmö begins.

Young Aussie, Justin “jks” Savage, was the very first player to have less than nine deaths in a 27+ map in the history of the game, and earned this at the qualifier for ESL One Cologne 2016 in the third round against FLuffy Gangsters, simultaneously helping his team win and eliminating the opposing team. Currently just 21 years old, “jks” is a rifler for the team.

Aaron “AZR” Ward is another Australian rifler. He is seen as a superstar in the professional world as he is a strong rifler and has excellent abilities to clutch making him a much-feared player.

24-year-old rifler Karlo “USTILO” Pivac has had a number of excellent performances, though most notably in the DreamHack winter 2016 finals with a 119.6 ADR for the first map played (Nuke). His ADR for the second map (Cobbleston) was 64.0. In total for the final (both maps) he had an impressive 92.2 ADR.

Noah “Nifty” Francis is the baby of the group at 19 years old. He began his career as a Call of Duty player. From the US he is the team’s primary AWPer, and is a relative newcomer to the team having joined only in March of this year. Nifty is rumoured to be the new In-Game Leader, however this has yet to be confirmed.

Until a few days ago the was completed by the Serbian Nemanja “nexa” Isaković, who had replaced “yam” as In-Game Leader for the team, but he has now left the team and has been replaced by the Swedish 20yr old David “Jaywalkingz” Kempner who is currently playing on trial.

What’s the verdict?

The team has had plenty of time to create a rhythm during gameplay with each other, and whilst not yet rising to the top, are always consistent. One of the lowest ranked teams in the tournament; it will be a tough road to the top.

Photo credit:  DreamHack, Ole Sollie

Renegades on Form
Author: Lenny
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