Rising Northwards

Rising Northwards

Photo: The core of the 2016 line up from the old team Dignitas, now team North, will be attending this year’s DreamHack. From left to right: cajunb – MSL – RUBINO (replaced by aizy) – Magisk (currently inactive) – k0nfig

Danish team, North, is one of the higher ranked of this year’s DreamHack Malmö teams, sitting comfortably at ninth in the world. An incredibly new team to the scene, it was only in January of this year that F.C Copenhagen and Nordisk Film announced that they were creating an eSports team and thus North was born. Created with the ex-players of Dignitas, there was one change to the ranks, when the team lost “RUBINO”, however since then the team roster has remained unchanged.

Successes and Losses

As a new team they have done extremely well this year and though they have had ups and downs, thus far their successes do outweigh the losses. The start of the year saw them come consistently in the fifth to eight bracket, and it wasn’t until May that the team finally scored big, winning the ESL Pro League Season 5 in Europe. The latest tournaments, PGL Major Krakow and ESL One Cologne saw the team fall short at the end in both competitions by teams that they will be facing against at DreamHack Malmö later this month.

Knowing the players

27-year-old René “cajunb” Borg is now playing for North. The Danish player has been around for a long time. Ranked tenth in his own country he has played for teams such as Astralis, (in fact he was a founding member), and Dignitas. He has a huge amount of experience and was actually a Counter-Strike: Source player for many years before Global Offensive’s appearance on the scene. Primarily AWPer and rifler he has great aim but was an unstable player in earlier years, though it is unlikely he will revert.

In-Game Leader, 22-year-old Mathias “MSL” Lauridsen, Is another former Counter-Strike: Source player. His career so far has seen him go from a promising 16yr old to a consistently strong player. He has had his share of losses; however this year has seen a steady rise, with a second placement in ESL pro league Season 5.

Another ex from Digitas, Philip “aizy” Aistrup at 21, is one of the more talented players because of his excellent aim and his ability to keep cool in clutches. He currently plays rifler for the team. The youngest team member, 20-year-old Kristian “K0nfig” Wienecke has some of the greatest in-game statistics and despite his lack of experience looks to prove useful in tense situations.

One Player missing

At this point the roster is still incomplete which is not leaving them much time to consolidate a team. Their solid winning style will most likely see them past the first few rounds. The only downside here is the lack of experience with only 101 games to their name as a professional team.

Photo credit: DreamHack, digitas 2016


Rising Northwards
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