Rolling With the Big Guns

Rolling With the Big Guns

At SuperLenny we have many games for the regular player, but we also have games for the high-profile players. These are the high-roller games and they come in a few different styles to suit the needs and preferences of the players who play them.

Live Roulette

High Rollers will find quite a few roulette tables that suit their preferred betting standards at Superlenny. While there are none that are strictly high profile tables, they can certainly be treated as such given their betting limits.

There are three roulette tables, in particular, that have a table limit of 5,000 Euros per spin which can possible equate to large winnings if the players are betting at that level, and getting lucky at the same time. These tables are Auto Roulette La Partage, French Roulette, and Immersive Roulette. When players are in the mood to play with serious money, these roulette tables are a good option.

Live Blackjack

Similar to the live roulette tables, the blackjack variants offer some good choices for the high rollers among us. The difference with the high roller blackjack games is that the low limit is higher than what most people are comfortable with spending, making these tables more exclusive.

There are quite a few VIP tables to choose from if you are just getting into the world of high-stakes blackjack, and the buy in range for these is 50-1000 Euros. Not cheap, but accessible to many players. The next level up is Blackjack Platinum VIP which has a buy in of 250-1000, and then finally, there is Blackjack Diamond VIP that sports a buy in range of 1000 to 5000 to play.

Casino Hold’em

With a buy in going up to 1000 Euros, this is a game that could get expensive very quickly for those without the skills and funds of a high roller. The low end is set at 1Euro so you will be playing alongside the average Joe even you decide to go the high roller route, but given that Casino Hold’em is a game played between the payer and the house, that shouldn’t matter too much.


No matter what the genre, if it is a high roller game, the experience will be coloured by more tension, and for some this make it all the more enjoyable. It’s not for everyone, and beginners should probably stick to less high-stake games before they step into the ring.

Rolling With the Big Guns
Author: Lenny
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