Roulette with a Twist

Roulette with a Twist

Evolution Gaming offers up an interesting new roulette game, Double Ball Roulette. As if one ball wasn’t enough, this game incorporates two. A live roulette game, players can enjoy this new style here at SuperLenny’s live casino. The game features a live dealer and a real table; the dealer releases the balls via a compressed air mechanism. It hurls the balls onto the wheel in such a way that they do not interfere with each other. Some brick and mortar casinos have offered this roulette format on occasion but this is the first online version. A bonus to this online version is that is follows the rules of European Roulette and therefore has one les pocket than its American counterpart.

How to Play Double Ball Roulette

The game play is similar to regular roulette games but instead of one ball there are two. Players can place wagers on which pocket each of the balls will enter. This means that there are more bets each round and also the possibility of more wins in one spin. Bets are the same as on a European wheel with both inside and outside bets on offer. With double the chance of guessing correctly, the payouts are reduced to compensate for this. For the chance of a big win though, players should choose the Double Ball bet as this will pay players at 1300: 1. For inside bets, either ball can land on the number for the bet to be a winning one. For outside bets however, both balls must land in the zone to win i.e. if the player bets red, both balls must land in red pockets.

All the Angles Covered

As with other Evolution Gaming games, Double Ball Roulette offers multiple camera angles, including close up shots of the wheel whilst the balls spin. Players are able to interact with the dealer using a chat function, and there is a full display of hot and cold numbers and other statistics relating to the game available on the screen. Double Ball Roulette can be played at but as it is a live game it is unable to be played just for fun, players need to have an account and deposit real money. With a wide range of bets, some exclusive to this game only, Double Ball Roulette may seem more like a novelty game to many, but it does offer some fun, and those looking for something a little different may well enjoy it.

Roulette with a Twist
Author: Lenny
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