Roulette Wordlist

Roulette Wordlist

If you’d like to learn more about roulette, we suggest you start with the terminology. We’ve compiled a list to get you started.

American Roulette: A specific style of roulette that contains a wheel with 38 pockets. The numbers are 1 to 36 but include both a single zero and a double zero. This extra pocket gives the house a bigger edge than European Roulette.

Biased Numbers: Numbers that repeatedly win, which are usually caused by a biased wheel or some other contributing factor.

Black Action: When a player plays using a black chip that is worth 100.00.

Bottom track: The inside area of a roulette wheel that tends to remain stationary. It is the point where the ball will slide before it bounces off the wheel and into a pocket.

Choppy Game: Periods of play where no one – neither house nor player is making any consistent wins.

Column bet: A bet that is laid on one of any three columns in the roulette wheel.

En Prison Rule: Also referred to as the surrender rule. It usually applies to European roulette. This rule applies when a player makes an outside bet (usually red or black or odds and evens) and then the ball lands in the Zero pocket. This means that the player then gets a choice on whether to lose half of the placed wager or to keep the money on the table for the next spin. This is En Prison. If a player decides to leave the money in play, the house edge becomes lower on the next spin.

European roulette: Another roulette style, but it only features 37 pockets. The numbers are 1 to 36 but there is only a single zero on the wheel. This means that the odds of winning at European Roulette are higher. A good virtual version of European Roulette by Play’n Go can be found on Super Lenny Casino.

House Edge: The amount of advantage the casino has in making profits during each game. It is estimated by calculating the difference between the real odds and the amount the casino has to payout.

La Partage rule: Usually found when playing European roulette, it is very similar to the En Prison rule except that the wager is automatically returned in half to the player. There is a good example of a Live Auto La Partage game available on Super Lenny.

Wheel Clocking: A strategy performed by players, which involves keeping note of the spin results in order to figure out patterns and bias, in an attempt to more accurately place wagers.

Wheel Head: The part of the wheel that has the pockets.

Roulette Wordlist
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