Round 16 in Numbers

Round 16 in Numbers

The total number of corners can in some instances be an indicator about which team has been the dominating one in a game. But that is certainly not always the case. This could be seen in the game between Wales and Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland was given all of the six corners of the game, but they still lost 1-0. Judging by the number of corners, Hungary-Belgium was also a fairly even game with 6-8. But the goals show otherwise, as Belgium won 4-0. During all of the eight games in the round of 16 there were a total of 88 corners.

The average number of cards has been about what we might expect. 35 yellow cards in eight games gives us an average of 4,375 per game. Adding to these yellow cards we also saw one red card for Ireland’s Shane Duffy against France. If we count this in our card statistics, we end up with 4,5 card per game. Another interesting figure is that three games ended with two yellow cards for each team.

A ball hitting the woodworks is one of the most frustrating things for the fans of the attacking team, while the fans of the defensive team breathe a sigh of relief. In the round of 16, four shots hit the woodworks. Ireland’s goal against France also went in after hitting the post.

The same frustration can also be felt when the referee is signalling an offside. This happened 20 times during the round of 16, but none of them came in France-Ireland. Hungary and Italy also did not have any offsides.

But the most interesting number is of course the one on the number of goals. We got to see 19 of them in the round of 16. One was an own goal, and one came during extra time.

Round 16 in Numbers
Author: Lenny
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