See What the Olympic Medals Looks Like

See What the Olympic Medals Looks Like

Every host city creates the medals for their Olympic Games with their own unique touch. This makes it so that every single sport that an athlete manages to take a medal in, they receive something truly unique. This makes every medal more important and historic.

The design of the medals should say something about the host city and reflect what it stands for. This is very true for the medals in Rio – they’re a celebration of both the athlete and the environment that we all are in charge of. As you probably know, Brazil is home to the biggest rainforest in the world. Illegal lumbering is a huge problem in the Amazon, and the design of the medals is meant to be a reminder that the rain forest is important. There’s also symbolism in the materials they are made of. Every medal is 100% recyclable, and 30% of each medal is made of materials that has already been recycled.

This is a very fitting theme in modern times, when there’s a unity among most nations about the necessity of taking care of the environment. From that perspective, it’s also in full agreement with the philosophy of the Olympic Games, which is to unite nations in the issues we can all support and agree on.

2488 medals have been prepared for the Rio Olympics: 812 gold medals, 812 silver medals and 864 bronze medals. Each of them weights 500 grams, no matter the metal. For the Paralympic games there has been placed an audio function inside each medal. When you shake it, you can hear a sound telling you what metal the medal is made from. This has been done for visually impaired athletes, so they can hear what type of medal it is.

See What the Olympic Medals Looks Like
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