Semi Final Analysis: Germany – France

Semi Final Analysis: Germany – France

We got one huge classic game in Germany-Italy in the round of 16. In the semi-finals we will get another one; Germany-France. Which of the two is the biggest clash can certainly be debated, but I think it’s fair to say the rivalry between Germany and France is bigger than that of Germany and Italy. This is a meeting between two very fierce – and successful – rivals.

But there can be no doubt that Germany is the most successful team of the two by far. Having won seven major titles, four world cups and three European Championships, they are probably second only to Brazil. France has three big titles to is name: One World Cup and two European Championships. It should be mentioned that France had more recent success in the European Championship than Germany. France won the most recent title in 2000, while Germany’s most recent European Championship victory was in 1996.

Except for Germany’s game against Italy, none of the teams can be said to have had a very difficult way to the semi-finals. Germany was in a group with Poland, Ukraine and Northern Ireland. The only game they did not win was the 0-0 game against their fierce rivals Poland. In the round of 16 they simply wiped Slovakia off the field to advance easily to the quarter final against Italy.

France was considered lucky with their group draw, facing Switzerland, Romania and Albania. Like Germany, they managed two wins and a draw, which came against Switzerland. The opposition in the round of 16 was Ireland in a game that became much closer and more exciting than the French had hoped for after a very early lead for Ireland. But France managed to turn things around to win 2-1. For a challenger to the title, this game should not have been so difficult. But they showed great skills when they defeated Iceland 5-2.

Semi Final Analysis: Germany – France
Author: Lenny
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