SK Gaming is on top of the World

SK Gaming is on top of the World

This all Brazilian team is currently leading the pack, they sit in first place in the world ranking of CS:GO teams and they show no signs of slipping. They may have gone out in the PGL Major Krakow to second ranked Astralis in the quarter finals, but this doesn’t seem to have affected the team in anyway as they recently beat TeamOne emphatically in a Showmatch CS:GO.

Founded in 1997, SK Gaming is actually a German organization. Since that time it has grown into the largest and most famous of all eSports organizations. Whilst they operate a number of different game teams, including a ladies division, they are well known for their very successful Counter-Strike team.

The CS:GO team found success after initially signing on players from Swedish team NiP, however, since then the roster has seen many changes. Although SK Gaming have proved to be consistently strong in their game play, there have been some ups and downs along the way; the 2006 failure to qualify for the Electronic Sports World cup being one of the most notable low points.

The roster for this year’s DreamHack Malmö consists of players who have had time to form a strong cohesive team. 2017 has seen SK Gaming win three Premiers and one Major. The team also placed second at DreamHack Masters – Las Vegas.

Meeting the Team

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo is one of the team’s top players. At 26 years old, this Brazilian has played all versions of Counter-Strike allowing him to impart huge amounts of experience to the team. Currently In-Game Leader and AWPer, he was also named as 2015’s most influential person in Brazilian eSports. He has consistently been nominated for best sniper or player of the year and voted second best player of the year in 2016.

Fernando “fer” Alvarenga is another former 1.6 player, he plays entry fragger, and at 25 years old has plenty of experience.

Marcelo “coldzera” David is one of the younger players on the team and acts as both rifler and secondary AWPer. At just 22 he has a long list of accomplishments under his belt, and he has been MVP at a number of events in the last two years. He can be rather aggressive at times, however this determination and fierceness does add to his gameplay.

Another 22 year old, Epitacio “TACO” De Melo is the entry fragger and support rifler for the team. He’s played so well this year that “FalleN” named him as a potential breakout player of 2017.

Lastly there is João “Felps” Vasconcellos, the youngest in the team at just 20. Playing as rifler, he is a recent addition to the team having only arrived in February of this year, but he has already made his mark as a strong part of this team’s successive victories.

How will they do?

In top form they are unbeatable; though they have suffered some setbacks recently. When this team find themselves under pressure, they can usually pull through. However they do get complacent on occasion, and have been known to underestimate opponents resulting in a surprise loss.

Photo credit: DreamHack, Gabriel Kulig

SK Gaming is on top of the World
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