Spinning the Dream

Spinning the Dream

Live Dream Catcher is one of the first games to come out of Evolution Gaming’s new ‘Money Wheel live’ category, just in time for the festive season. Dream Catcher is a game of chance where, just like roulette, players must bet on the number they think the wheel will land on when it stops spinning.

The Big Wheel

The wheel has been custom made by the leading manufacturer of gaming accessories, TCSJOHNHUXLEY. The wheel features 54 sections divided by spokes. Each section has a number and corresponding colour: 1 is yellow, 2 is blue, 5 is purple, 10 is green, 20 is orange and 40 is red. Using a betting table at the bottom of the screen, players can place a bet on any of these numbers. The winnings are calculated according to the number i.e. if the wheel lands on 5 the winnings are paid out at 5 to 1. Once the wheel stops spinning the winning number is indicated by the pointer that is mounted on the top of the wheel.

Bonus Multipliers

The bonus for this game comes in the form of two multipliers found within the 54 sections. One multiplier is x2 and the other is x7. If the wheel stops on either of the multipliers then all bets remain in place and the wheel is spun again. The winnings of this second spin are then multiplied by either x2 or x7, depending on whichever multiplier was landed in the previous spin. Should the wheel stop on a second multiplier all bets will continue to remain in place and the wheel will be spun again. At this point if there is a winning number, the winnings will be increased by both multipliers, leading to a potentially large Christmas gift, although this does max out at 500,000.

The Live Factor

A live host presents the game and spins the wheel, and the whole set-up is designed to resemble a T.V game show. Cameras are placed specifically to capture the action from multiple angles, and lighting and sound effects are synchronised to respond to the game play, providing you with the perfect holiday entertainment. The game allows for numerous players to play at the same time at any time of the day.

Low Stakes

A new game here at SuperLenny, Live Dream Catcher is already gaining in popularity because it offers players a new take on the older games that are based on luck rather than skill. Players can keep stakes low which makes it a good option for those who don’t like to take big risks, after all, the Holidays are about relaxing.

Spinning the Dream
Author: Lenny
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