Spotlight On The Wales Rally GB

Spotlight On The Wales Rally GB

The first week of November is one of the quietest weeks this year in terms of British Sporting events. In fact the only event on the calendar is the Motorsport Wales Rally GB.

Driving Crazy

The beginning of the week marks the last day of the Wales Rally GB. Beginning on the 27th of October and culminating on the 30th, the Wales Rally GB is seen as the biggest and more prominent of all the motor rally events in the United Kingdom. Formally known as the MSA British Rally Championship, it is just one round of the FIA World Rally Championships. Situated in Northern Wales it first began back in 1932 when it was known as the RAC Rally. From 2003 onwards it changed its name to Wales Rally GB and it has been known as such ever since.

Part of the FIA World Rally Championship, there are rallies around the world that help drivers and manufacturers accrue points depending on their race performance culminating in a Champion Manufacturer and Champion Driver at the end of the season. Each rally pits drivers over different terrains and through all-weather types; severely testing both driver and vehicle to the max. Rallies tend to follow the same format, which involves a two-day navigation period where the driver and navigator are able to practice the route in order to pace out the course and become familiar with it. Afterwards is something called the “shakedown” which is a test of the car at full speed. The actual competition will then run for three days over the weekend. The route itself is made up of a number of stages such as sections requiring the driver to race the clock, and road sections that are actually parts of public roads.

At this time there are just thirteen countries in the world that offer a World Rally Championship though more are lobbying to join every year.

What’s happening in the Week Ahead?

Whilst this week was a very quiet one, the next few weeks are the exact opposite. Rugby Union season kicks off with a bang as England and Argentina head to Twickenham for the beginning of the Union’s Annual Autumn Internationals. Others of the home nations are also getting involved with Ireland starting their campaign around the same time as well. For those into rather less rough sports, the more genteel sport of tennis is on offer with the ATP World Tour Finals taking place in London at the end of the week.

Spotlight On The Wales Rally GB
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