Swansea, Cardiff sacks managers – Sunderland suffers injuries

Swansea, Cardiff sacks managers – Sunderland suffers injuries

Paul Trollope sacked


This Tuesday, Paul Trollope was canned, after less than five months of being Cardiff’s manager. Cardiff City has had only two wins from eleven games, which has resulted in the second bottom of the table. Now, Neil Warnock has made his way to Cardiff as their new manager. Let’s hope he can work his magic. Considering the fact that he helped Rotherham avoid a big downfall last season, we have reason to believe that he has a trick or two up his sleeves. The future of Cardiff City is in this guy’s hands.


Sunderland – another injury


Jan Kirchhoff, Sunderland’s midfielder suffered another injury during the match against West Brom, and he has now been ruled out for at least six weeks. He already suffered a similar injury during the beginning of this season. Sunderland is at the bottom of the table – and they have only gained two points – so one can wonder what this will do to the team’s standing. Kirchhoff can also play centre-back, which makes him a flexible player that is surely going to be missed, especially if Sunderland gets another injury. They have had an additional injury this season – Adnan Januzaj injured his ankle and had to stay home for at least six weeks. There is no doubt that this is bad news for Sunderland.Swansea gets Bob Bradley


The sacking of managers in English football clubs is clearly contagious, and another team who has sacked their manager is Swansea. Francesco Guidolin had to go, making room for Bob Bradley – who was the first American to manage a European top division team. And he did his job well: Stabaek from Norway actually made it to the Europa League, which is not very common for a Norwegian team – they tend to stick to themselves and their league. Swansea has had only one win this season, which has resulted in a 17th place in the table. They are only one goal away from moving off the table. One can wonder if their defeat against Liverpool last Saturday was the last straw – and an understandable straw as well, they are most certainly tired of losing. If a new manager is going to do the trick is uncertain, but at least they haven’t lost hope. This is, after all, a manager who has worked wonders before. Swansea’s next game against Arsenal on the 15th of October is going to be very interesting, with Bradley’s first training session already set for this Wednesday. Maybe it would be too soon to tell if he has had an effect on the team, but there is a possibility that we will see some improvements.

Swansea, Cardiff sacks managers – Sunderland suffers injuries
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