Swim, Cycle, Run – Triathlon

Swim, Cycle, Run – Triathlon

Triathlon is one of the most exciting events, where the athletes must show a great combination of many different sets of skills. The participants will cover a distance of 51,5 kilometres (32 miles) by swimming, cycling and running. The initial swimming covers a distance of 1,500 meters (1,650 yards). After that, the participants must ride a bicycle for 40 kilometres (24,9 miles) before finishing the race by running 10 kilometres (6,2 miles).

Needless to say, the triathlon athletes are a group of very well trained people. It is common for the athletes to train the different parts of the race over different periods, focusing on one of the three disciplines at a time. General conditioning is also an important part of their training programme.

It seems like the Anglophone countries have a very tight grip of the dominance in triathlon. On the women’s side, American Gwen Jorgensen is a huge favourite, with British Helen Jenkins being the strongest of the underdogs. On the men’s side it seems like Spanish Mario Mola is the only contestant that can have a chance against British Allistair and Jonathan Brownlee. South African Richard Murray also deserves a mention.

Triathlon was accepted as an Olympic event ahead of the games in Sydney, 2000. But despite the domination of the Anglophone countries among the favourites for this year’s Olympic Games, Switzerland are leading the medal table in triathlon from 2000 until today. They are the only country with two gold medals. But the country with most medals is Australia, with one gold medal, two silver medals and two bronze medals. Right behind them can we find New Zealand with one of each medal. Great Britain is on a sixth place with one gold medal and one bronze medal. As we can see, there are good chances that Great Britain will triple their number of gold medals and take the first place in the medal table today.

Swim, Cycle, Run – Triathlon
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