Taking a Gamble at DreamHack Malmö

Taking a Gamble at DreamHack Malmö

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer shooter game using first-person perspectives. 16 formidable teams are set to compete at the DreamHack Malmö tournament, with each game consisting of two teams pitted against each other.

The tournament begins with a series of elimination games in the first round. As you will know DreamHack follows the Double Elimination group format. Simply put, two losses and the team is out, two wins and the team moves into the playoffs. Four teams in four groups will play an important role when it comes to betting. Punters should note that this style means that not all teams in a single group will have to play each other. The playoffs follow a single elimination style whittling down the teams in a faster fashion.

Picking a good team

Even the best team can have an off day. To accurately choose a winner it is important that punters spend some time checking through the form of each individual team over the year as a whole, as well as in the weeks running up. Just prior to DreamHack Malmo there is the off-season period, which is when a lot of the teams will shake up their ranks. It is therefore very important to keep abreast of these changes as this might make a significant impact to the team.

Checking the odds is also necessary. The favourites (in this year’s case SK Gaming) will have vastly lower odds than an underdog such as The Renegades. Punters are better advised to go for a middle of the pack team that has had a good run recently and that are likely to progress out of the elimination stages easily.

Latest News from Malmö

Fnatic – Two changes in the roster for fnatic; “olofmeister” has been replaced by Maikil Golden Selim who comes up from fnatic academy and “dennis” has been swapped in a 1:1 trade with “Lekr0” who returns to fnatic from GODSENT.

North – Valdemar valde Bjørn Vangså has taken the spot from the recently benched “Magisk”.

FaZe – Olof olofmeister Kajbjer comes straight from Fnatic to replace “kioShiMa”.

OpTic – OpTic are out of DreamHack Malmö. After a major shake-up in their roster, it turns out that OpTic no longer have enough members of the core line-up to be eligible to compete in the tournament.

Cloud9 – Cloud9 is the team replacing OpTic, and in an interesting twist, two players from OpTic Gaming “tarik” and “RUSH” come with them.

This will be the first LAN for Cloud9 with their new line-up: Jake “Stewie2k” Yip – Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham – Will “RUSH” Wierzba – Timothy “autimatic” Ta – Tarik “tarik” Celik

Taking a Gamble at DreamHack Malmö
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