Team EnVyUs –Fighting their Way Back From the Brink

A French team, EnVyUs is currently seventeenth in the World Rankings for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This year they are heading into DreamHack on the back of a three win streak against GODSENT, Renegades, and Heroic at the DreamHack Open Atlanta after having fought their way back from a bumpy few years and some major team reshuffling.

Team Origins

Sometimes known as EnVy or nV, they are an American eSports organization that was founded back in 2007. They used to be known almost exclusively for their Call of Duty games but have been branching out into many other games as well, and are more commonly known as the “Boys in Blue”. New to this game, they only entered into Counter-Strike in 2015 as a result of acquiring the French team LDLC. With the French LDLC changing organizations to join EnVyUs, the CS:GO team has since won at the MLG X-Games Aspen and back in 2015 their game was at a level just slightly behind Fnatic, who was unquestionably considered to be the best team in CS:GO at that time.

The Low Point

The team continued to play consistently with third place as the lowest position in a number of tournaments around the globe. A small dip against Ninjas in Pyjamas saw them lose some ground but their game soon picked up again. By the end of 2015 though, the team was in decline and soon after the team went through an intense mix-up. The resulting team was widely considered to be even worse than the previous one so it was somewhat of a shock to find it successful from the get-go. Even though unsuccessful at the ESLOne: Cologne 2015 tournament, the team proved emphatically that they were one to watch within a mere month after the roster change.

New Line Up

This year’s team holds only one member, Vincent Happy Schopenhauer, from the original start up team in 2015. Christophe SIXER Xia only joined in mid-2016, with the other four members, Alexandre xms Forté, Adil ScreaM Benrlitom, and Cédric RpK Guipouy all arriving just at the start of this year. Whilst each player holds considerable expertise, it is a short time for this team to come together; however, EnVyUs has shown us in the past that this is not a problem when it comes to crunch time. With an age range of 20 to 27, Happy as in-game leader, SIXER as Awper, and the other three on rifler duties, the EnVyUs team, if on form, could prove to be a formidable set of opponents at DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017.

Photo credit: DreamHack, Abraham Engelmark

Team EnVyUs –Fighting their Way Back From the Brink
Author: Lenny
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