The Comeback of William Fox-Pitt

The Comeback of William Fox-Pitt

All of the sports involving horses have a very high status in Great Britain. But there aren’t that many people who line up in front of the TV to watch it in the Olympics. Given the high status of both the horse and the sports involving it, maybe this year we’ll see a change in popularity.

Eventing is one of the most traditional events included in this year’s Olympic Games. It has been part of all of them since 1912. As you can see, we’re not exactly talking about an Olympic newcomer here. And one of the greatest stars of the competition is British William Fox-Pitt from London. As he was born into a family of great traditions in horse riding, it’s not that strange that he has had so much success. Fox-Pitt started riding a horse at age four, and during the last four Olympic Games he’s won two silver medals and one bronze medal. So he might feel that it’s time to win a gold medal this year.

But it was far from likely that he would even be fit enough to go to Rio for this year’s Olympic Games. During a competition in France last fall he had a very bad fall, off the back of his horse. This gave him a severe head injury, which lead to him getting placed in an induced coma. In the end, he managed to recover well, and we’ll now be able to watch him perform in Rio.

The competition will be hard. Not only are there participants of great capability from Great Britain, but also from countries like Japan, Spain and Netherlands. Aesthetically speaking, eventing is one of the most beautiful sports in the Olympic Games, so the show jumping part of it today will absolutely be worth watching.

The Comeback of William Fox-Pitt
Author: Lenny
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