The fastest woman on water

The fastest woman on water

She’s the entertainer with a love for speed, Marit Strømøy is the first and only woman in the world to compete in the F1 H2O World Championship.

– It’s a lot more fun when you’re on the edge.


She has the racing gene in her blood, from following her father’s races in the 80´s you could say that she literally grew up with a need for speed. Since 2007 she’s the first and only woman in the world to compete in F1 H2O World Championship. Marit is also an accomplished entertainer with more than 1000 performances and two features in the Melodi Grand Prix.

Hi Marit and welcome to the SuperLenny Family, we are really happy to have you on board. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

– I’m super excited for our cooperation and look forward to showing you the thrilling aspects of Formula 1 boat racing. I’m from Sandefjord about two hours south of Oslo, and my two passions are powerboat racing and music. I guess I’ve always been quite determined and I decided early my path in life and feel blessed that I am now actually living out my childhood dreams.

You made your choices early on, how did it all start?

– My father was racing in the 60´s 70´s and 80`s. I was attending the races around Norway with him from the day I could walk. When I finally got to race my first competition, I was 12 years old and since then I’ve been racing.

How long have you been driving in the F1H2O Championship?

– This is my 28th year of racing and the 10th in the F1 H2O World Championship. I’m currently the only female driver in the World and the only Norwegian In F1.

That’s a lot of years behind the wheel. How does it feel to be the only woman in a man dominated sport?

 I guess I’ve grown used to it that it feels normal. To me, racing is about winning.
Once the helmet is on and the red lights are out it’s about being the best you can be no matter the color of your skin, the brand of your boat or your gender. A man has qualities such as physical strength which is important in all sports, even motorsport. A woman has other qualities, such as reaction, the ability to multi-task. Those aspects are also very important. To me, it’s always been a matter of working on all parts of the puzzle and try everyday to get a little bit stronger in the fight for World Championship points.

You have definitely the results and the experience to show for but what is the best part of being a professional boat racer?

– It’s a difficult question to answer. There are so many aspects to this sport. First of all, it’s the thrill of doing something exciting, fast, dangerous and actually to control it. Then it is also the part of competing head to head in a sport where it’s important to balance on the limit to what the boat, you and the elements allows you to. It is also all the great people we meet around the tour and all the places we get to see. Last but not least it’s the fulfilling feeling of setting goal, achieving them, setting new ones and working towards them.

Controlling a boat that is almost flying on the water must be a thrill, how fast is the boat actually going at times?

– The F1 boat can hit up to 260 km/ hour on a straight line. In the races our top speed is around 220 km/ hour, but the acceleration from start and in the corners and the actual G-forces makes it one of the most extreme motorsport categories in the World.

From one Grand Prix to another, you have also been featured in the Melodi Grand Prix twice.

– Music has always played a huge role in my life. I started playing the piano at age 7 and singing fell naturally for me. I’ve worked on many productions, Tv shows and concerts with bands or different concepts. Now I’m currently touring with my band and with a vocal group called Winther.

If you wrote a song about Power Boat Racing, what would the title be?

– The title could be a phrase I’ve got from a fellow racer which is Getting High by flying low. The feeling when the boat is flying on top of the water is a big adrenaline boost.

I can imagine. What would you say is more nerve-wracking? Driving a boat in 260 km/h or standing on stage in front of thousands?

– I guess it’s an equal feeling. Sometimes I find myself in a situation where I should be nervous, but I’m actually quite calm and sometimes a rather small situation can give me the big nerves.

Have you gotten used to it after your years in racing?

– When I started my first F1 race, I was really nervous. Now the adrenaline sets in when I know everything is prepared to perfection, and it’s all in my hands. That can actually happen both on stage and in the boat.

Does the adrenaline compare to winning big in the Casino?

– Winning is often a result of preparation, risktaking and all mixed with a little bit of luck. It’s all about taking the risk and giving it all. If you’re in the casino or on the race course, it’s the same exciting feeling. It’s a lot more fun when you’re on the edge.

It is indeed, do you have a slot that ticks all the boxes?

– One game that I like is Golden Fish Tank, it’s an action-packed game that gives the possibility of choosing different features when you get into the Free Spins mode. It has all that good stuff like multipliers, extra free spins, and wilds.

If I would like to start racing, what tip would you give me?

– Hard work, dedication and never giving up. In motorsport, there are so many aspects that can go wrong, and you must be able to rise after you fall. Every day I tell myself; what shall I do today to get closer to my goal.

Keep your chin up, that’s a good point. You have a race coming up soon in China, How do you prepare yourself?

– Every day I start by working out in the Gym. Then it’s a lot of practical things to organize in order to get everything and everyone prepared for the race. Now we are preparing a new engine for the upcoming race in Liuzhou. I’m very excited to test it and hope to gain little bit more speed around the racecourse. In addition, I will have a few more concerts before I go and that also requires some preparations.

Thank you, Marit, it’s always a pleasure! We’re cheering for you!

– Thanks! You can follow my preparations at Strømøy Racing

The fastest woman on water
Author: Lenny
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