The finals are decided in the FA Cup, one high-end game and a lot to look forward to

The finals are decided in the FA Cup, one high-end game and a lot to look forward to

It is a lot of cup games to keep an eye on these days. In the midweek we had the finals for the EFL Cup settles, as well as some unsurprising results from The Championship. With these games done with, we will now focus on the most honourable club tournament in the world: The FA Cup.

The finals decided

Southampton robbed us of a great and classical final when they defeated Liverpool. No one was surprised to see Manchester United reaching the final at Hull’s expense, even though they did lose the last game. What could have been Liverpool-Manchester United will now be Southampton-Manchester United. It will be a good game for sure, but the EFL Cup needs some great rival games to catch the real interests of people outside the fan base of the clubs playing. We all know that the EFL Cup is in no way a substitute for success in the FA Cup, and one of the finalists might very well leave that tournament on Saturday.

Only one high-end game…

For Southampton will get a visit from Arsenal at St. Mary’s in what is the only game between two really high-end teams. It is a game of great excitement that will kick off at 1730 on Saturday. Even though Arsenal must be considered favourites, no one would count it as a big surprise if Southampton were to win this game. But what we all love most about the FA Cup is not the kind of games that we see all the time in the Premier League, but the games with a huge underdog.… and many potential surprises

For while there were not too many such games in the previous round, this round is filled up with them. The most profiles ones are Liverpool-Wolverhampton, Chelsea-Brentford and Tottenham-Wycombe. The latter two games will be played at 1500 on Saturday, while the first one will start at 1230. It is a bit sad that the favourites will all have the home court advantage in these games, as watching the great teams play, and all too often lose, in a lower end atmosphere is what makes the FA Cup truly special. And there will also be many other games with very obvious underdogs: Oxford-Newcastle, Middlesbrough-Accrington, Lincoln-Brighton and Sutton-Leeds are all standing out as huge candidates for surprises. With the exception of Sutton-Leeds that kicks off at 1400 on Sunday all the other games will start at 1500 on Saturday. There are very good opportunities for making bets with high odds here, and I will be very surprised if we do not get at least one huge surprise in at least one of these games. The tricky part is just to find out which.

A game of rivalry in Scotland

No one can argue that the inter-city games between the Edinburgh and Glasgow teams come even close to the Old Firm. But they are still highly comparable to any rivalries in England, especially Celtic-Hearts. I do think this is just as intense as, say, West Ham-Millwall. And it is kicking off at 1300 on Sunday. Not a game to miss in any way, even though the struggle for gold in the Scottish Premiership is far from exciting these days. Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic is currently 22 points ahead of Rangers – the 2-2 draw against Inverness in round six is the only game they have not won this season. Still, you really should catch this game just for the atmosphere and the thrill of a rival game that does live its own life.

The finals are decided in the FA Cup, one high-end game and a lot to look forward to
Author: Lenny
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